The Best 100 Climbs in Britain.

In a recent article there was a proposal of the 100 best climbs in Britain, only 7 of which were in the Lake District! Being based in the Lakes area we felt somewhat aggrieved, as were many of our customers here at Kendal Wall.

So in response to this highly inaccurate list, we thought we would create our own list of the top 100 routes in Britain and as bias would have it, they are all in the Lakes area.

Kendal Wall T Shirt Front, 127 kb
Kendal Wall T Shirt Front
Kendal Wall T Shirt Back, 138 kb
Kendal Wall T Shirt Back

This really is the ultimate Lakes tick list ranging from Middlefell Buttress (Diff) through to the impressive Impact Day (E9).

There is also some sport climbing and of course the best indoor route in the area – Kendal Main Wall (6a+) – there really is something for everyone.

Like all good tick lists, you need to keep it somewhere handy so that you can regularly check the routes you have already done and the ones you want to do next. Well, we have the ultimate solution - The Best 100 Climbs T Shirt! Obviously you need one for your climbing partner too so you can see it, as the list is cunningly on the back!

This T shirt is exclusive to Kendal Wall and can be bought in Kendal Wall Shop for the princely sum of £15.00 adult sizes or £12.50 for juniors.

For a limited period we will be giving away these T shirts for free to everyone who spends more than £50 whilst shopping at Kendal Wall Shop, you can either visit us in Kendal or shop online at

If you want to see the complete tick list then click on the link below.

For more information visit Kendal Wall
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