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My name is Hebe and I'd like to introduce you to my company HK - Made in Sheffield. Officially launched in March 2021, HK - Made in Sheffield is a new clothing brand based on four guiding principles: To...

  • Help protect the environment.
  • Promote UK made products.
  • Be ethical.
  • Help promote women in sports.


I've launched with a range of 12 sweaters. Each sweater is made from a super soft, fleece backed, 50% cotton, 50 % polyester blend fabric that is manufactured in the UK. The fabric is then delivered to my workshop in Sheffield where I cut the patterns and sew the sweaters myself. Follow on instagram, @hk-madeinsheffield on facebook, and check out the website to pick up your own sweater, and keep up to date with what's coming next!

Let me tell you more about HK - Made in Sheffield and why I decided to leave my job to start this new venture. Like many of us, I struggle to balance my concern for the environment and personal ethical views, with the reality of needing to work and earn money. It is all too often and easy to see companies that excel in one area but neglect the other, or are contradicting their own values. Why source an organic fabric and ship it in a plastic bag? There are companies that purport to be caring, but are essentially exploitative. I know that I will not always get it right, but I will never put profits before ethics. Please continue reading to find out how HK - Made in Sheffield is helping to protect the environment and support the local community.


The Environment

We know all too well how important the environment is. By buying a sweater from HK - Made in Sheffield you are helping to protect the environment by supporting:

  • Manufacturing in our 100% electric workshop powered by renewable energy sources.
  • Manufacturing in the UK.
  • Sourcing as much of our fabric and materials as we can from UK manufacturers.
  • Only shipping to within the UK.
  • Using one reusable and biodegradable bag for shipping.
  • Made to order, meaning we never have surplus stock that goes to waste.
  • Repairs. We offer a repairs service on all kit, not just our own - any brand, any product, we should be able to help.

The fabric used for the launch range of sweaters is manufactured in the UK. It was chosen over other options such as recycled and organic fabrics due to the reduced emissions involved in shipping and with regard to the ethics surrounding manufacturing abroad. The ultimate goal is to use a fabric that is made in the UK, organic, uses recycled material in its manufacture and made in a factory powered by renewable energy sources. If anyone knows a company that does all of these things, get in touch!



This is such a broad term that is easily overused. There are a number of ways that a business can be ethical, but by purchasing from HK - Made in Sheffield you are helping to support:

  • Not exploiting people. Everyone is paid a fair wage and has a comfortable working environment.
  • Minimising environmental impact.
  • Donating to charity. A minimum of 10% of our profits are donated to homelessness charities in Sheffield.

As well as caring for the environment, HK - Made in Sheffield is helping to support vulnerable people and those in need. Currently 10% of profits are donated to charity. Moving forward, the aim is to increase this percentage and donate in other areas as well.


HK - Made in Sheffield offers a repair service on old kit. Keeping your gear going for longer is a really great way to help protect the environment (and it's cheaper too!). Zip broken on your favourite down jacket? Webbing looking a bit funky on your pad? Any brand, any repair, just get in touch and we will do what we can to help.

Women in Sport

HK - Made in Sheffield is a unisex brand, but it is really important to me to help to promote women in sport. At my first job there was a company magazine and as I flicked through, there were around forty images with kit being modelled and not more than two of them primarily featured women. It is an absolute bugbear of mine that women are not equally represented in the outdoor industry. Too often I see an image of a man on a hard boulder somewhere and a woman standing admiringly, eating a sandwich! Women are equally as bold, brave and impressive as men. On our website and through the material we use on social media and advertising you will never find a male-heavy split of images, and the girls will be showing off their skills too!

What's Next?

In the coming months there will be a summer launch introducing several new products including cotton t-shirts. For next winter there are plans underway for a softshell jacket. Keep up to date by following on instagram and @hk-madeinsheffield on Facebook, or check out the website - We look forward to seeing you there!


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A sweatshirt isn't a sweater !

Funnily enough I wasn't aware of the difference, but I am now.

I've had a fair few folk question the use of the term 'jeans' in reference to products which aren't 100% denim, but if they look like jeans, feel like jeans, and 99.9% of the population (including the brand) refers to them as jeans - isn't it just a bit ridiculous to refer to them as anything else?! Having read the distinction between sweater and sweatshirt I feel much the same...

Either way, this kind of nit-picking sets a negative tone for the thread which is ultimately about a young brand trying to make clothes and do something good at the same time. As such, we’d prefer it if the negativity is kept to a minimum.

31 Mar

Looks like a good positive business, can't view from my work computer as the domain name is too newly registered (i.e. it's blocked at my end), will take a look next time a pair of trousers goes beyond the point of no return!

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