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Wool Wash
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Nikwax Wool Wash perfect for Merino fans

Who would have thought base layers could be divisive?  But search base layers: synthetic or wool and a plethora of studies, debates and comparisons appear.  Thankfully, which product to wash your Merino base layer in is an easy choice: Nikwax® Wool Wash.  Formulated to clean and maintain the natural qualities of woollen garments, this gentle product cleans technical wool base-layers whilst enhancing wool’s natural wicking properties.

Easy to use, you can even add it to your washing machine, if you’re brave enough to trust the “Hand Wash Cycle”.  Nikwax Wool Wash is environmentally friendly and water based, it contains no PFCs and is biodegradable. It really works too. Wash your Merino base layers in this and expect the wicking of your base layers to improve, drying times to speed up and softness to be revived. 

Nikwax Wool Wash will keep your garment in tiptop condition.  Enhancing performance, Nikwax Wool Wash will enable your base layers to keep you cool in warm weather, warm in cold weather and dry in wet and humid conditions.

Use it for socks and base layers and any woollen garment and at £4 for a 300ml bottle, it’s a small price to pay to prolong the life of your woollies.  Happy winter.

Nikwax Wool Wash SRP £4 for 300ml


For more information visit Nikwax Ltd
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