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Get ready for the winter season with great deals on everything you need for those perfect winter days that are (hopefully!) just around the corner.

Black Diamond Drop Zone Bouldering Pad, 20 kb
Pads - If in doubt, pad it out.

Nothing gives you the confidence to go for that next move more than a good pad below you. There are numerous options available on the market with everything from inflatable behemoths to skinny little doormats! We have picked a selection of car-friendly, back-friendly and more than anything, ankle-friendly pads that will see you push yourself higher and harder this season.

Shoes - Sticky rubber, it’s a beautiful thing.

Whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned pro, one thing everybody needs is a good pair of shoes. From the all-day comfort and durability of the Evolv Valour through to the downturned, soft and sticky Dragons; there’s a shoe to suit everybody’s needs.

Super Chalk 5oz, 40 kb
Chalk, chalk bags and tape - Happiness is a dry palm.

Metolius Superchalk is as good as any we’ve tried and our range of stylish and practical chalk bags look much better than a ratty old Tesco’s carrier. And don’t get caught out by nagging injuries, tape up those digits for one last go. (We obviously don’t want to encourage you to injure yourself but a bit of preventative taping can make all the difference). Tape also comes in handy for just about anything; fixing tent poles, covering war wounds, taping brushes to sticks, silencing beta spewers...

Brushes -Brush it. Brush it real good!

Put down your old toothbrush and invest in a proper tool for the job. Not only does it keep the holds clean but it’s part of the ritual; once you’ve brushed up, chalked up and taped up, there’s no excuse not to go for it! Plus it helps clean up the bloc when you’re finished.

PrAna Crinium Jeans, 81 kb
Clothing - Look sharp, pull hard.

 Let’s face it, you could wear what you want on the rock and nobody would really mind but that’s no excuse not to make the effort. Being comfortable and with plenty of freedom of movement is paramount, there is a great range of clothing available that allows you to seamlessly go from Plantation to pub without looking like too much of a vagabond.

Bags – Carry in style.

There’s nothing worse than jamming all your stuff into your pad and only realising once you get to the car that you’ve dropped a shoe or brush...or towel...or keys... Avoid such disasters and invest in a decent bag. Over the shoulder numbers not only mark you as a debonair sort, they also fit well when carrying a pad.

Because we’re so nice (and we have a fair few in stock), we’ll try and remember to stick a tub of Metolius skin balm in with every Bouldering Essential order, while stocks last.

* Discount will be applied at checkout to full price items.

And for my next trick - 7a

Offer ends 28th November

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