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Bergan's base layers have been used on Polar expeditions for over a century. This pioneering spirit is still with the brand today, as they aim to make the very best equipment for adventurers. Their underwear collection is 100% pure Merino wool and aims to achieve an optimum balance between comfort and function.

Introducing Bergan’s Merino Wool Base Layers. #1, 121 kb

Warm, dry, soft, 100% natural and highly versatile with specific fit for men and women. Wool fibres provide an excellent thermal balance, meaning you get great insulation in the cold and a cooling effect when temps are warm. Merino wool retains its warmth when wet and is naturally odour resistant.

Introducing Bergan’s Merino Wool Base Layers. #3, 47 kb

Merino wool benefits at a glance:

  • Absorbs more than 30% of its own weight in moisture, while still insulating effectively
  • Eliminates odours and reduces the need for washing
  • Feels soft and comfortable on the skin without itching
  • Is fire-proof and does not melt at high temperatures
  • Protects against UVA and UVB rays
  • Can be washed in a machine
  • Resists wear and tear, and is biodegradable
  • Originates from free-range sheep on sustainable and socially responsible farms

Bergan's choose their suppliers carefully to ensure high quality, as well as traceability and sustainability of the farms. Social and economic welfare for workers, farmers and communities is important to them and they guarantee that their wool is mulesing free.

Fjellrapp 210 Range

Designed for almost any activity. Fjellrapp 210 g/m² Merino wool is perfect for outdoor versatility. Wool is a tradition for Norwegians, and over the generations we have learned that no other material can keep you warm in such a variety of activity levels. Fjellrapp garments are lightweight, comfortable and do an amazing job regulating your body temperature while in motion, then warm you up when you take a breather. Fjellrapp is the natural choice regardless of your activity.

Krekling 260 Range

Warm, dry and comfortable. Krekling 260g/m² Merino wool garments provide good insulation when the temperature drops. These mid-thickness comfortable garments are perfect as an base layer, or used alone. The natural properties of Merino wool ensure a perfect heat balance regardless. Choose Krekling for versatile, active use in colder weather.

Svartull 310 Range

Extra warm and dry. Svartull 320 g/m² Merino wool is our warmest wool series and the best choice for all outdoor activities on very cold days. By using Svartull as a mid layer, under a wind and waterproof garment, you ensure warmth and excellent temperature regulation during active use. Svartull is the ultimate choice for staying warm in low temperatures.

Introducing Bergan’s Merino Wool Base Layers. #4, 67 kb

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