Dick's Climbing Christmas Selection Deal Of The Month

We hate to remind you but it's rapidly approaching Christmas ...

Whilst we've got the usual selection of Christmas stocking fillers available in the shop; tubs of ClimbOn, bags of chalk, maybe a new chalk bag or a 30m indoor rope to replace the fluffy, flacid monstrosity they've been using the last few months. We have also put together a few ideas of more unusual presents for those special climbers in your life.

, 236 kb

Given that cams these days are nearly twice this price, this is an offer not to be missed - DMM Demons from as little as £36 a unit and military colour spec Dragons from just £42!

The DMM Demon cams are the combination of the classic DMM 4CU's single axle head and the Dragon's single stem, complete with thumb press and extendable sling any of these units will be appreciated by the Trad climber in your life and if you're feeling especially generous there are multipacks of 3 and 5 units. If you're looking for something particularly novel we also have the original Dragon cams with their brilliant double axles, in Military spec colours whether you're looking for Ninja Black, Gunmetal Grey or Desert Sand we've got options for you, not only do they look cool, they're also cheap, starting at just £42 a unit.

Demon Cams

Just the one - any size. £36

Pack of three - sizes 1, 2 and 3. £100

Pack of five - sizes 0, 1, 2, 3, 4. £165

Tactical Dragon Cams

Various Sizes. £42-48

Dick's Climbing Christmas Selection, 128 kb

Or if you're looking for something totally different we've got our ever popular Pinch Hold Mugs. allowing for simultaneous rehydration and strength training, thanks to the cleverly formed pinch grip. Integrated into the mug itself, there's no poor quality screw on or glueing nonsense here, these are the real deal.

Perfect pressies for the climbers in your life, for post climb novelty drinking games or maybe even as a genuine training aid … We’ll let you decide.

(It should be noted that the warning on the box which we'll reiterate here reads, ‘This mug is to be used for cold drinks only’)

“Restful Exercise for climbers”

Pinch Hold Mugs - £22.99

Finally on offer, in Dick's Climbing / Christmas Tree Green, we have a range of custom-coloured DMM products.

We've got our vivid Phantom Screwgates in lime green, with dark gates. Cheap individually at just £11.70 but with discounts for 3 and 5 units respectively or if you've got plentiful screwgates already how about some dark green and silver Spectre quickdraws, available in all three lengths and multipacks to save even more money.

Dick's Climbing Phantom Screwgates

Available Here from £10

Green and Silver Spectre Quickdraws

Available Here

From all of us at Dick's Climbing, have a fantastic festive period and see you at Avon Gorge on the dry days!

- Dick, Pete and the team -

For more information visit Dick's Climbing
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