Dick's Climbing: Great prices on Mammut Serenity ropes

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The new Mammut Serenity at 8.7mm strikes the perfect balance; skinny enough to use easily as a half rope, yet reassuring thick enough as a single rope. They also come in an amazing neon green colour (or more subdued blue for those who fancy being a bit more reserved). 

Mammut Serenity, 189 kb
The Mammut Serenity is the latest generation of triple-rated ropes i.e. ropes certified for use as a single, half or twin rope and improve upon the previous models by being even skinnier and as such easier to handle when paired and weighing less when used on long Euro sports routes. The price for these ropes is fantastic and they are brilliantly versatile given their triple rating and top of the range DRY treatment, you really can use them for everything. Coming into Winter they’re the perfect skinny glacier line which is then a lightweight single rope on route or doubled up and used as twin ropes for extra security on ice routes. 

- Great price, great rope -

50m - £115

60m - £135

70m - £155

80m - £175

For more information visit Dick's Climbing
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