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Our New Nemo range consists of four sleeping pads which cover all kinds of outdoor activity. The ultra light Zor weighs a mere 285 grams for the ¾ length or 405 grams full length. Perfect for fast and light Summer mountain races.

The Astro Air is a 2½ inch thick, light weight trekking mat. It has horizontal baffles which makes the pad feel wider and more stable to increase comfort and reduce that bouncy 'lilo' sensation. The construction resists puncture while keeping the weight down through use of a tough 70 denier Polyester fabric.

The Tuo Standard and the Tuo Luxury series of inflatable pads bring a new level of comfort to the sleeping pad. Literally! The Tuo sleeping pads have a thin film inside that divides the pad into two separate airtight levels, each with their own valve. Not only does this give you complete redundancy in the event of a puncture, it means you can inflate the base layer firmer for protection from rocks and roots and keep the top layer partially inflated for maximum comfort.

The Tuo Standard will provide four season warmth and comfort anywhere, while the Tuo luxury will assure you of a good night's rest in camp before the day at the crag or a race event.

... and for that added extra comfort the Fillo Pillow is amazing!

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Fantastic FREE Gift with all Nemo Sleeping Pads! #1, 57 kb
Fantastic FREE Gift with all Nemo Sleeping Pads! #3, 53 kb
Fantastic FREE Gift with all Nemo Sleeping Pads! #4, 70 kb

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