Pre-Season Winter Bargains - All Axes & Screws reduced

Black Diamond Venom Axes - £84.99

A technical 'piolet' style axe, perfect for steep snow gullies and winter mountaineering. The Venom comes with Vlack Diamond's 'Lockdown' leash, and has a rubberised handle for increased grip. The hammer version is supplied with a Tech pick and the adze version comes with the Classic pick.

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Black Diamond Venom Axe, 23 kb

Grivel Matrix Tech Axes - £109.99

The perfect choice for a climber who prefers a lightweight technical tool, while maintaining all the characteristics of a Grivel Ice Axe. Weighing in at just 565 grams, these axes give heavyweight performance in a lightweight package.

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Grivel Matrix Tech Axe, 63 kb


Black Diamond Express Ice Screws - From £34.99

The Black Diamond Express ice screws are some of the easiest to use and fastest to place on the market. The biggest selling point is the colour coded, retractable cranking handles which make placements super easy...

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Black Diamond Express Ice Screws, 32 kb


Grivel 360 Ice Screws - £44.99

The ultimate quick placement ice protection with razor sharp teeth for easy use. Ideal for crevasse rescue or steep ice situations with folding, colour-coded handle to allow placement even in rocky corners.

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Grivel 360 Ice Screw, 28 kb


Petzl Sirocco - £54.99

An ultra-lightweight helmet with a maximum weight of 165g, the Petzl Sicorro is the new standard in lightweight impact resistant technology. Expanded Polypropylene in a monobloc construction minimizes helmet weight whilst retaining its impact resistance. A magnetic buckle allows the chinstrap to be clipped with one hand.

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Petzl Sirocco Helmet, 118 kb

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