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The Phantom Tech is a super light, technically precise, gaitered boot for cold weather mountaineering and ice climbing.

The new waterproof gaiter design uses PU Tek technology to create a lightweight but extremely durable outer with a high degree of dexterity and feel, while also helping to reduce the overall weight by 110g, making the Phantom Tech the lightest boot in its class.

Phantom Tech Suitability

The inner shell features a Primaloft 100 insulation layer and incorporates Primaloft Silver yarns, increasing the warmth and breathability. The revised fast lock system allows an easy to adjust, secure hold over the foot.

The new sole unit on the Phantom uses AC Tech roll (derived from the Ribelle family) to give increased cushioning and a more precise feel underfoot, with a new TPU crampon insert and carbon tech 3 SL midsole for a perfect synergy with the latest C3 automatic crampons.

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13 Sep

So it’s these or two pairs of Nepal Cubes....

13 Sep
14 Sep

Ha, just pointing out the amazing deals available atm. They are light though.

14 Sep

From a quick scan of prices: one and a half pairs of Nepal Cubes, but two pairs of Nepal Extremes if you don't mind shopping in big French sports behemoths. ;-)

Considering that I bought my Nepal extremes in 2000 and they are still in fine working condition now, two pairs would almost certainly take me past my average life expectancy, so would probably see me out - which whilst a fine recommendation for boots, is somehow deeply depressing a thought!

I hope that if Scarpa are charging 500 quid for these beauties they've put a sole on them that doesn't wear down super quick or even worse crumble off in bits!

14 Sep

Def two pair of Cubes if you go to outside Heathersage. Might be getting low stock now.

Word on the various blogs is that the se wear issue is sorted now on the Scarpas, remain to be proven of course. I just hope they've sorted the ankle padding out which prevents me from wearing my current phantoms Techs for more than one day a week.

If these are as good as they say then they may be worth it especially when you consider that they're only £50 more than the Mont Blanc Pro on their Web site (which makes the Cubes look even better deal).

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