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Tenaya® is a Spanish company dedicated to producing mountain and climbing shoes, as well as other outdoor equipment. It is based in southeast Spain, in one of the regions with the longest tradition in shoe making. 

Tenaya® was founded in 1997 by José Luis García Gallego, together with a family of entrepreneurs. José Luis belongs to a family where all four brothers are climbers, and had his first experience of climbing at the early age of eight. At twelve he did a first ascent of a new route, and at only seventeen he started establishing new routes on the most important walls in Spain, such as Naranjo de Bulnes. His passion for big wall climbing has taken him all over the world, performing new ascents in famous places such as Fitz Roy and El Capitan, where he has an impressive record of first ascents.

Since the early days, climbers such as Ron Kauk, Josune Bereziartu, the Pou brothers and Ramon Julián have played an active role in shoe development. 

Tenaya Alizée Dufraisse, 89 kb

The lastest range of rock shoes available in the UK are: 

Tenaya Oasi Rock Shoes, 19 kb


Designed to achieve the highest levels of performance, the Oasi is exceptionally comfortable yet offers incredible precision and responsiveness, making rock climbing feel easier and more intuitive. 
Our team of engineers and designers has been working on the Oasi project for two years, searching for the perfect rock shoe for extreme climbing. RRP: £105

Tenaya Tarifa, 20 kb


Not too rigid, not too soft, the Tarifa has been designed to provide optimal performance across a wide range of extreme climbing situations: from one-move boulder problems to long, sustained stamina-fests: from the steepest, most powerful overhangs to the thinnest of face climbs: from the tiniest edge to the vaguest smear. RRP: £105

Tenaya  Masai, 20 kb


Favoured by top level climbers, the Masai is one of the Tenaya's most preferred shoe. It stands out due to its balanced features. RRP: £95

Tenaya  Inti, 19 kb


Coming from the very best of RA which has cleared some of the hardest routes in world, we have created INTI, a high performance climbing shoe that has an extraordinary response to the foots biomechanical needs in high difficulty climbs. RRP: £95

Tenaya RA, 20 kb


Ra is a climbing shoe offering high technical performance, coupled with surprising ease of use, comfort and above all an extraordinary response under the most demanding conditions. RRP: £95


Tenaya UK athlete Mike Adams and 'Keen Youth' Elliot Sheil puts Masai, Oasi and Tarifa to good use during recent developments at Helsby..... 

To Helsby and Back from Mike Adams on Vimeo.

For more information visit Beta Climbing Designs
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