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Mountain Equipment News

Announcements direct from Mountain Equipment

13 Apr 2017

thumbOur new Helium bags are lighter and warmer for their weight than ever before.  Efficiently sized, supremely comfortable and low... Read more

29 Mar 2017

thumbMountain Equipment has an opportunity for a Equipment Technologist/Developer to play a key part in the continuing development of... Read more

Mar 2017

thumbMountain Equipment has been making some of the finest mountain clothing in the world since 1961. We believe in what we do; we... Read more

Mar 2017

thumbWe have built the pyramids, split the atom and been to the moon, yet the humble down cluster from geese and ducks remains the... Read more

Feb 2017

thumbThe UKC team recently returned from the annual gear-fest in Munich that is ISPO. Here are some video interviews with brand... Read more

Feb 2017

thumbAt ISPO 2017 the world's leading outdoor brands showcased new product. We will be bringing you updates on the latest clothing and... Read more

Oct 2016

thumbMountain Equipment has been creating some of the finest mountain clothing and equipment in the world since 1961. As a leading... Read more

Jul 2016

thumbMountain Equipment has been awarded 'Leader Status' by Fair Wear Foundation, the highest of their performance benchmarking... Read more

Jul 2016

thumbThe UKC team recently returned from the annual gear-fest that is OutDoor Friedrichshafen. Below are some video interviews with... Read more

Jul 2016

thumbThe annual orgy of gear and beer that is OutDoor Friedrichshafen is over for another year, and UKC & UKH were out in force... Read more

Mountain Equipment Reviews

Independent reviews from the UKC gear testers

28 Apr 2017

thumbWith superb warmth for its modest weight, the Xeros would be a great sleeping bag for anything from fast and light alpine... Read more

Mar 2017

thumbBalancing lightness, warmth, weather resistance & breathability, a midweight synthetic jacket is the most versatile of... Read more

Feb 2017

thumbA winter baselayer should be warm, but still breathable. A high zipped neck and long hem are also essential. In this group test... Read more

Jul 2016

thumbOver spring and into summer we've tested eight pairs of light-to-medium weight softshell trousers on valley and mountain crags,... Read more

Jun 2016

thumbFrom Malham to Raven Tor, sport climbing to bouldering, Penny Orr has been putting the Mountain Equipment Women's Rock Climbing... Read more

May 2016

thumbAfter reviewing, not to mention rating, the Mountain Equipment Squall Jacket and Hope Pant last year Rob Greenwood was happy to... Read more

Mar 2016

thumbMitts: perhaps not the sexiest of outdoor clothing, but if the weather is at its worst, or you suffer from cold extremities, then... Read more

Feb 2016

thumbThe Manaslu is Mountain Equipment's top-spec hard shell cut specifically for women. Though built for the harshest winter and... Read more

Dec 2015

thumbWith its wet and windy weather, high aerobic output and general wear and tear, winter is hard on your waterproofs. So what makes... Read more

Oct 2015

thumbIn this group review we test out a range of down jackets. Our review brief was to test 'standard mid-weight down jackets that are... Read more

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