PRODUCT NEWS: MSR Windburner 1.8L

WindBurner Stove, 79 kb

The all-new WindBurner 1.8L Personal Stove System built for 2-3 travelers is the latest addition to the award-winning WindBurner collection.

The WindBurner 1.8L comes as a full stove system or can be purchased as a standalone pot to fit onto existing WindBurner stoves. It’s engineered for those who need a reliable stove system for minimalist meals and hot drinks on the fly.

The WindBurner’s ultra-efficient radiant burner combined with its enclosed design allows it to operate flawlessly in cold and windy conditions where other stoves slow or fail. The 1.8L WindBurner boils 0.5L of water in light to moderate wind in 2:45 minutes; conditions where competitor stoves oftentimes fail to boil at all.

Primary air combustion and convective and radiant heating help the WindBurner stove achieve its high performance, and a built-in heat exchanger adds greater efficiency. The WindBurner offers superior cooking reliability, even in challenging conditions of the real world.

WindBurner 1.8L Stove, 106 kb
WindBurner 1.8L Stove
WindBurner 1.8L + Coffee Press, 49 kb
WindBurner 1.8L + Coffee Press

The compact pot twists onto the burner for a secure, non-slip fit. An integrated full-size bowl allows minimalists to comfortably cook and serve enough food for up to  3 companions. The WindBurner’s clear BPA-free lid plays triple duty: it features a strainer, a drinking port, and is compatible with MSR’s WindBurner coffee press.

Smart accessories include the WindBurner 1.8L Accessory Pot, which adds system versatility for users who already own a 1.0L WindBurner system, allowing them to start with the burner and pack the pot size that’s most trip appropriate; a WindBurner 1.8L Coffee Press Kit; the WindBurner Hanging Kit; and the WindBurner Skillet.

Windburner 1.8 Pot, 197 kb
Windburner 1.8 Pot
Windburner Skillet, 49 kb
Windburner Skillet

The WindBurner collection is available now in selected retailers. For more information visit

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