Omega Pacific Link Cams

Omega Pacific Link Cam, 23 kb

With more range per unit than any other camming device in the world, Link Cam SLCD's provide faster, easier and more secure placements than ever before possible. Based on a concept by legendary gear designer Greg Lowe, Link Cam SLCD's incorporate tri-sected, hinged cam lobes in place of typical one piece lobes so that as you retract them the lobe "unfolds" to permit narrower placements than previously available with older, limited range cams.

The constant angle logarithmic spiral is the foundation of all spring loaded camming devices. Generally speaking, the steeper the angle, the greater the range, whilst lower angled spirals provide greater holding power, particularly in slick, polished rock. Link Cam SLCD's boast a 13.5 degree constant cam angle throughout the entire range to maximise holding power.

Combined with the Link Technology, Link Cam SLCD's provide an awesome 2.5:1 camming ratio without sacrificing security or strength. No other camming device in the world offers this much range or security! Each LinK Cam SLCD is rated at 14KN and has been tested to meet or exceed that rating throughout it's entire range.

We stock a wide range of Omega Pacific Products. To contact Rock Technologies for further details follow the link below.

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