Life on Hold

Life on hold  © Outcrop Films
Life on hold

I am going to make this review quite simple, because Life on hold by Nick Brown and Richard Sharpe/Outcrop films is all about that.

This bouldering movie tells the true story about what bouldering is like.
Hanging out with your friends, hanging on for dear life on everything from pebbles to what should be routes, being scared and, once in a while, actually succeeding on something.

The footage manages to convey the typical barren, gloomy, grayish beautifulness of the English landscape. Or at least, that's how I picture the typical English landscape...
Let's just say it's not very glamourous, not a lot of bright colours and the top outs always seem to be wet., but like I said, it's beautiful most of the time.
About the wet top outs: Is it considered bad style to check out the top before you start climbing?

Be that how it may, after watching this movie, I would like to go there. Maybe not to do the tallest highballs/routes like Samson or High fidelity (as if I could), but more to sample and see for myself.

Luckily, not only 8B's and up are featured, but also a lot of problems on a more humane level. These are not the least less exciting to watch mind you. Quite the contrary in fact!

I guess the reason why most of us watch climbing videos in the first place is find out about places to go to and to get motivated to give that old project another go.

Life on hold definitely succeeds there!

Featuring: Ned Feehally, Micky Page, Dan Varian, Chris Webb-Parsons, Michele Caminati, Shauna Coxsey, Katy Whittaker, David Mason, Alex Puccio, Mina Leslie-Wujastyk, Jon Partridge, Martin Smith, Ryan Pasquill

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