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Due to be published by Vertebrate on 28 July 2016 and now available to pre-order as a signed special-edition hardback, The Bond is the story of one of the most remarkable climbing partnerships of our time.

About the book

‘Man, the only – only – good thing about that climb was that you were tied on to the other end of the rope.’

Simon McCartney was a cocky young British alpinist climbing many of the hardest routes in the Alps during the late seventies, but it was a chance meeting in Chamonix in 1977 with Californian ‘Stonemaster’ Jack Roberts that would dramatically change both their lives – and almost end Simon’s.

Inspired by a Bradford Washburn photograph published in Mountain magazine, their first objective was the 5,500-foot north face of Mount Huntington, one of the most dangerous walls in the Alaska Range. The result was a route so hard and serious that for decades nobody believed they had climbed it – it is still unrepeated to this day. Then, raising the bar even higher, they made the first ascent of the south-west face of Denali, a climb that would prove almost fatal for Simon, and one which would break the bond between him and climbing, separating the two young climbers for over three decades. But the bond between Simon and Jack couldn’t remain dormant forever. A lifetime later, a chance reconnection with Jack gave Simon the chance to bury the ghosts of what happened high on Denali, when he had faced almost certain death.

The Bond is Simon McCartney’s story of these legendary climbs.

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Pre-order now: The Bond by Simon McCartney, 169 kb
©Vertebrate Publishing / Simon McCartney

Pre-order now: The Bond by Simon McCartney, 174 kb
©Vertebrate Publishing / Simon McCartney

Pre-order now: The Bond by Simon McCartney, 210 kb
©Vertebrate Publishing / Simon McCartney

Pre-order now

Simon lives in Hong Kong. Vertebrate has arranged for him to sign 200 numbered tip-in pages which will be bound into 200 copies of the finished books. These 200 copies will be special cloth-bound hardback editions. These are now available to pre-order on a first-come-first-served basis and are the same price as the general release hardback, which will be available to order once the special edition copies have sold out. 

Click HERE to order a copy of the book for £24 including UK mainland delivery.

The Bond by Simon McCartney, climbing on Huntington and Denali

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