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"The Great Wilderness" is a luxury hardback photography book depicting one of Scotland's most remote mountain areas. It shows the Highlands at their most beautiful during ephemeral moments of light, dramatic weather and seasonal change. It is the culmination of four years of work hiking hundreds of miles and wild camping for countless nights in the mountains.

The images explore the mountain area between Ullapool and Loch Maree, covering Fisherfield, Dundonnell and Letterewe in depth. Woven between the images are stories of adventure and solitude in the mountains.

Depicting spectacular mountain scenery in exceptional lighting conditions, this book is for anyone who loves the Scottish Highlands, whether Munroists, casual hillwalkers, landscape photographers or the general public.

  • Foreword by Joe Cornish
  • Production Printed and Casebound in the UK
  • Pages 136 Litho printed pages
  • Paper 200gsm silk paper
  • Cover Foiled title, debossed mountain graphic
  • Bookcloth Ratchford, Palace Green 07
  • End Papers Custom printed map design
  • Dimensions 240mm x 300mm
  • Published Alex Nail Publishing
  • ISBN 978-1-3999-6721-1

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6 Dec, 2023

I have this book. It is not only full of stunning photography of the highest standard but, as an overall package, it is on another level from every other 'coffee table' book I own (and I have a lot). Alex had a hand in every aspect, from the embossed cover artwork to the maps which I understand he created himself. Even the place names are hand written. Furthermore, you won't find the images in this book on social media - rare and welcome in this day and age.

In my opinion, Alex sets the standard for photography of the Scottish Highlands and this book is the best way to experience and enjoy his work. As far as I am aware, there is literally no-one else doing this sort of thing - ie a multi year project to document a specific area of the Highlands with the purpose of creating a high quality book. Get it before it's gone because it will definitely sell out. His first book, North West, is now pretty much impossible to get hold of.

6 Dec, 2023

quick disclaimer - I know Alex well.

However, regardless of that, I still consider this and Alex's North West books as two essential photography books if you're at all interested in the Mountains of Scotland (the others being Joe Cornish's Scotland's Mountains and Colin Prior's books). The quality of the book and reproduction is as good as it gets, and photographs are astounding (annoyingly good in many cases!).

Highly recommended

6 Dec, 2023

When did you get a copy Brian? I pre-ordered a copy but haven't seen anything yet?

6 Dec, 2023

Alex is sending them out in batches now - he's just had a baby (pretty much the week the books arrived) and he's parcelling and sending them out himself, so bear with him :-) He's absolutely reliable so they'll be coming soon.

6 Dec, 2023

Deliveries have been a bit "wayward" over the last week around me with the uptick in Christmas shopping so was concerned they had all gone out and my copy had gone awry. I'm jealous that others may have a copy already in their hands! The anticipation is through the roof.

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