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For winter 2018/19 the tried and tested range of DMM ice axes has been updated with new colourways and laser markings. DMM tools are engineered for strength and reliability so they won't let you down when it really counts. The range consists of five tools.

Nick Bullock on thin ice for the first ascent of Capricorn (VIII 7), Ben Nevis  © Tim Neill
Nick Bullock on thin ice for the first ascent of Capricorn (VIII 7), Ben Nevis
© Tim Neill

Switch - £220

Our top end highly technical climbing tool that we often describe as 'Bullock proof' – since Nick Bullock's Switches have survived so many adventures including Scottish mixed action, Canadian ice and alpine faces. Both the shaft and pick are 'T' rated. Together with the full strength handle and double riveted construction, this means the Switch can stand up to the harshest treatment. The aggressively curved shaft creates clearance for reaching over bulges on ice and rock, allowing you to climb on steep ground more easily. It also reduces the angle of the handle when the axe is hooked on a feature, making climbing on steep terrain less tiring and more secure.


Apex - £200

The ideal technical mountaineering axe that is equally at home on vertical ice or sinuous alpine ridges, where a straight shaft design with a spike on the base, makes plunging the Apex into snow and ice easy when moving on less steep terrain. The upper and lower hand rests allow allow for techniques such as hand matching, crucial to the Apex's performance on steeper ground. Shaft and picks are 'T' rated for durability. The Switch and Apex are available with a full size adze for clearing ice and ledge chopping in mountainous terrain.


Fly - £150

The Fly features a gently curved shaft providing some clearance for climbing and ease of use when plunged into deep snow together with good self-arrest performance. The Fly has an integrated lower handrest that makes climbing on steep ground less strenuous, while an upper handrest allows for modern climbing techniques such as matching to be used. An optional set-up is available without the upper handrest but including a Choke Hold Leash. It has interchangeable picks for improved performance on either steep or less severe terrain. The Fly can be fitted with a Raptor pick to improve self-arrest performance when winter walking and mountaineering.


Raptor - £130

A robust mountaineering tool with the ability to handle steeper terrain. The gentle curve in the shaft gives clearance when swinging without compromising the Raptor's ability to self-arrest. For snow and ice climbing the Raptor can be fitted with a more aggressive Fly pick to improve performance. A Choke Hold Leash prevents you accidentally dropping the axe. The spike on the base of the handle gives security when daggering on snow and ice slopes.


Cirque - £90

A classic winter walking and mountaineering ice axe that is fully 'T' rated. The gently curved pick and shaft gives excellent self-arrest performance, while a spike on the handle provides grip and stability on snow and ice slopes. Available in four lengths the Cirque come with our standard leash for security should you accidentally drop the axe. A full size adze makes step cutting and ledge chopping easy.


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6 Nov, 2018

Has anything changed other than the colours? It looks like the handle materials have changed a bit but that's all I could pick out.

7 Nov, 2018

It'd be nice if DMM started producing crampons again - the perfect scottish crampon has yet to materialise!

7 Nov, 2018

Was wondering the same. Having just bought some apexes I was thinking I'd missed out on a revamped model but if it's just colours I'm glad I bought the older ones, not a fan of the new look

9 Nov, 2018
 It is indeed just cosmetic update.  No substantial change to materials, no change to shape.

I love my Apex’s For anything but steep califlower.


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