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A selection of the latest intermediate to top end ice axes for Winter 2011/12, priced from £150 to £210

Cassin X-Alp Axe, 71 kb

Cassin X-Alp RRP £150

Key Features:

The X-Alp is built with the same lightweight design as the X-Dry, but features a less radical curve in the shaft to make it more versatile on lower-angled technical terrain. A durable single-density handgrip holds up to whacking crampons in sticky snow. The smaller pinky ledge and long steel spike make plunging easier and the contoured adze offers a comfortable grip when using the tool for support. Designed to offer superb balance for a natural swing.

  • Included as standard: X-Alp padded leash, comes in Adze or Hammer Versions
  • Optional extras: Interchangeable grips, picks, and heads
  • Weight: with Adze 619g, with Hammer 624 g
  • Length: 50cm
  • Head: Hardened steel
  • Pick: Hardened steel
  • Shaft: 7075-T6 aluminium

More info on the Allcord website.

DMM Rebel Axe, 54 kb

DMM Rebel RRP £150 each

Key Features:

The Rebel is a beautifully balanced all-rounder that can cope with all the differing demands of the winter climber, whether on snow, ice or mixed terrain. In keeping with its technical nature the Rebel can be used either with or without leashes (depending on preference). We have also fitted it with a second high finger rest to allow easy hand swaps or to maximise reach on that desperate crux lock off. This finger rest is also adjustable so you can make sure that your hand fits comfortably.

  • Included as standard: Comes in Hammer or Adze versions
  • Optional extras: DMM Clipper Leashes
  • Weight: 650g
  • Length: 50cm
  • Head: 7075 Alloy (once piece)
  • Pick: Chromoly steel
  • Shaft: 7075 Alloy (once piece)

More info on the DMM website

Edelrid Rage Axe, 92 kb

Edelrid Rage RRP £165

Key Features:

The Rage is Edelrid's extreme ice tool for demanding mixed routes and steep ice. Key features are an aggressively curved shaft for additional clearance, a balanced construction for accurate placement and penetration on both rock and ice and an ergonomically-designed double grip. The pick angle is easily adjustable via remote accelerator.

  • Included as standard: Mixed Blade, Blind Washer and Accelerator
  • Optional extras: Ice Blade, Hammer, Adze, Blade Holster, Leashes and Finger Rests
  • Weight: 605g
  • Length: 50cm
  • Head: High grade aluminium
  • Pick: +4mm hardened steel
  • Shaft: High grade aluminium

More info on the Edelrid website.

Petzl Charlet Quark Axe, 85 kb

Petzl Quark RRP £180

Key Features:

Quarks offer ample clearance, aggressive teeth and a lovely swing balance. The narrow moulded handle and narrow pick allow for precision placements with minimum ice displacement. The Griprest and Trigrest hand rests ensure a comfortable, powerful grip adapted to leashless climbing. The interchangeable ice pick is tapered at the tip (3 mm) for easy penetration while an ergonomic, over-molded handle provides a good grip, even for small hands, and insulation from the cold.

  • Included as standard: Comes in Hammer or Adze versions
  • Optional extras: Masselottes pick weights, Clipper or Freelock leashes, Dry pick, interchangeable ice pick
  • Weight: 550g
  • Length: 50cm
  • Head: Aluminium
  • Pick: Charlet chromoly steel
  • Shaft: Aluminium

More info on the Petzl website.

Black Diamond Fusion, 28 kb

Black Diamond Fusion RRP £210

Key Features:

BD's premier mixed climbing tool is incredibly lightweight, stiff and versatile. Its top-of-the-line technology shines through in real world, game-changing performance. The lightweight hydroformed shaft extends through the grip for improved feel and rigidity. A patented, adjustable over-molded grip accommodates most hand sizes and heavier gloves. Shaft and pick are CEN-T certified.

  • Included as standard: Fusion pick, removable, clippable spike
  • Optional extras: Compatible with all current BD picks
  • Weight: 672g
  • Length: 50 cm
  • Head: Stainless steel
  • Pick: Chromoly steel
  • Shaft: Aluminum

More info on the Black Diamond website.

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