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DMM Terrier, 68 kb
DMM Terrier
Decent protection can be hard to find on winter climbs, even on pure ice routes you often need to fish around for alternative runner options. Improvisation is the name of the game, and the more 'tricks' you have up your sleeve the better chance you'll have of staying out of trouble. The DMM Terrier is just the sort of 'trick' we're talking about. This versatile micro protection hook works wonders with a variety of constricted or marginal placements.

The Terrier is essentially a smaller, lighter version of the popular DMM Bulldog. Like the Bulldog it is an extremely versatile piece of kit, and one which really expands the potential for runner placements on winter terrain.

It works well in all sorts of constricted or marginal placements. Think: micro–constrictions, thin seams, constricted flake hooks, iced up cracks, frozen turf blobs and shallow frozen turf wedges – the potential placement opportunities for the Terrier are seemingly endless.

The flat strike ridge on the back shoulder makes it easy to hammer home into a placement, no matter how fiddly or constricted the situation. The notch on the base of the strike area also aids removal, as do the lightening holes.

The serrated front edge of the base helps to stabilise marginal placements and the classic pick profile gives good penetration and bite, much like the picks on your ice tools.

DMM Terrier with a Phantom carabiner, compared with the larger Bulldog, 31 kb
DMM Terrier with a Phantom carabiner, compared with the larger Bulldog
The Terrier is both strong and light – it has a sturdy 15 kN strength rating yet only weighs 73 g. It is fitted with an 11 mm Dyneema sling which can be extended to reduce drag.

The Terrier is a very useful addition to the classic winter rack – make sure you check it out soon.


  • Versatile micro protection hook for winter climbing
  • Suited to constricted or marginal placements in rock or frozen turf
  • Flat strike ridge for speedy placements
  • Positive removal notch to aid extraction
  • Lightening holes to trim weight and aid extraction
  • Serrated front edge of base to stabilise marginal placements
  • High strength and compact size
  • 15 kN strength rating and 73 g weight
  • Fitted with a double extension 11 mm Dyneema sling
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