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The new LEKI camping chairs, 203 kb

Effect Chairs; the Chiller and Breeze – compact, lightweight and comfortable folding chairs. Perfect for camp sites, festivals, beaches, river banks, bus stops, local football games, star gazing, playgrounds, family outings, barbecues and of course…YOU!

Both the Chiller and the Breeze fit comfortably into your bag or backpack and are set up or dismantled in no time - so you sit so comfortably that you'll think twice about getting up.

With decades of experience in aluminum finishing, LEKI's own strengthening process ensures high quality, stable support. The slender pole diameter helps keep the chair lightweight.

Included is a cup holder that can be easily attached on either arm using Velcro, and a bag for additional storage space that can also be easily attached to the chair using Velcro.

Available in four colours: anthracite, sand, olive and red.

For more information visit Ardblair Sports
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