MSR Summer Trekking Pole Design Solves Common Pole Problems

As you can see in the UKClimbing Forums, some people really like using trekking poles, some don't. If you've never used them before, there really are some compelling reasons to consider trying them. 

MSR (Mountain Safety Research), 88 kb

However, traditional poles are not without their problems. To address the issues that have plagued traditional pole designs -- slipping, breaking, and difficult adjustment -- MSR® has solved those problems with smart engineering. Combining a positive-locking push-button design with non-rotating tri-lobe geometry, it's the easiest-to-use, most reliable adjustment system available.

For the benefits of using poles and details on the unique MSR pole design, check out this recent post on MSR's blog, The Summit Register: "MSR Summer Trekking Poles Will Change Your Expectations of What a Pole Should Be." 


MSR's Summer Trekking Pole collection includes:

MSR Talus™ TR-3

MSR Talus TR-3, 11 kb

The ultimate pole for backpackers and alpinists who travel through frequently changing, rugged terrain, the Talus TR-3 Pole delivers Trigger Release one-handed adjustability with 3-section compactness for easy-stowing, offering rock-solid performance through it all. 

RRP: £110.00

MSR Talus™ TR-2

MSR Talus TR-2, 11 kb

Two-section construction makes the Talus TR-2 Pole ideal for hikers and alpine trekkers who rely on poles mostly in-hand during a trip, yet still require versatility along with the efficiency of the Trigger Release adjustment in variable terrain.

RRP: £100.00

MSR Swift™ 3

MSR Swift 3 Trekking Pole, 9 kb

The Swift 3 Pole defines simplicity, reliability and compactness in a pole. Built for fast and light trips in technical terrain, its streamlined SureLock push-botton adjustment combines with 7000 series aluminum for ultralight stability on multi-day treks or swift, single-day ascents.

RRP: £85.00

MSR Swift™ 2

MSR Swift 2 Trekking Pole, 10 kb

The ideal pole for minimalist trekkers, the two-section Swift 2 Pole sheds weight through SureLock push-botton adjustment. It's engineered for those who require only moderate compactness, but demand strength and simplicity on remote backcountry pursuits.

RRP: £70.00

Click on the product names for more details and specs. 


For more information visit MSR
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