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CoT's Wye Valley sport climbs up to 6c+ at Ban-y-gor & Wyndcliff Quarry.

Total height is 1935m

Total height of '?' climbs is 798m.

Completion of each challenge ticklist earns you a high quality sticker and mad respect from the CoT. Contact me to claim your ultra rare and sweet reward.

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Tag for CoT support #C2K #Mineboyz

Steph on Morning Winpenny  © Wil Treasure
Steph on Morning Winpenny
© Wil Treasure, Sep 2009

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1st Wyndcliff Wizard of the West 100% 24 Mar, 2019
1st TommyKips 100% 19 Apr
2nd Dickie91 78% 26 Feb
3rd steve_gibbs 73% 26 Oct, 2022
4th Quarryboy 63% 7 Jul
5th Flyinmonkey 50% 20 Sep, 2022
6th PaulJepson 46% 3 Jan, 2022
7th Mattress 43% 25 Nov
8th Hidden 41% 22 May, 2022
9th PaddyAdams 36% 24 Jul

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George enjoying jugs galore at Ban-Y-Gor!

George enjoying jugs galore at Ban-Y-Gor!
© CornishLau

Sam Clarke cutting loose on Gordonzola (6b+) Ban-y-Gor

Sam Clarke cutting loose on Gordonzola (6b+) Ban-y-Gor
© SamStokes

Jugs for dayz

Jugs for dayz
© Jamie Black

Feeling violated

Violation of Trust
Feeling violated
© Rowan Spear-Bulmer

The Fat Controller

The Fat Controller
© Mark Davis

Ban-Y-Gor to ourselves on a cold November day

A Little Stiff'ner
Ban-Y-Gor to ourselves on a cold November day
© PaulJepson

Sam starting up Darkside, Ban-y-gor

Sam starting up Darkside, Ban-y-gor
© HakanT

Me on my first 6a+ Lead.

Me on my first 6a+ Lead.
© craigaj.ace

Contemplating how to make the next move from the mid-height rest on Lotus Wing at Ban-y-gor

Lotus Wing
Contemplating how to make the next move from the mid-height rest on Lotus Wing at Ban-y-gor
© dougcope

Warming up quickly on Gordonzola

Warming up quickly on Gordonzola
© TommyKips

Nick on The End, F6a+, Wyndcliffe Quarry

Nick on The End, F6a+, Wyndcliffe Quarry
© Didymus

match that

Mr Whippy
match that
© DrGav

Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Three Men, Two Girls And A Dog 3b 31 9m Ban-y-gor
Dabbawallah 4c * 311 13m Ban-y-gor
Double The Fun 4b 177 16m Ban-y-gor
Short and Simple 4b 115 12m Ban-y-gor
Such A Big Cactus! 4a 86 8m Ban-y-gor
The Smiling Assassin Mr Bo 4a 464 10m Ban-y-gor
Short Changed 4c 86 12m Ban-y-gor
That Historic Reach 4c * 223 12m Ban-y-gor
Amuse Bouche 5a 125 7m Ban-y-gor
Pokémon GO 5c * 197 11m Ban-y-gor
Day Break 5a 41 12m Ban-y-gor
Full Tidenham Breakfast 5a * 229 13m Ban-y-gor
Keep It Short 5b 90 12m Ban-y-gor
The Pink Punter 5c * 236 11m Ban-y-gor
Two Name Graham 5a 242 9m Ban-y-gor
A Midsummer Night's Garden (2) 5c 315 13m Ban-y-gor
Biscuits Bite Back 5c 162 10m Ban-y-gor
Darkside 5b ** 738 14m Ban-y-gor
I've Got A Bad, Bad Bottom! 5c 219 17m Ban-y-gor
The Blessing 5c * 279 12m Ban-y-gor
The Fat Controller 5c * 140 10m Ban-y-gor
The Gruesome Toothsome 5b * 708 9m Ban-y-gor
The Itch You Can Never Scratch 5c 154 10m Ban-y-gor
Morning Wimpenny 5c * 761 12m Ban-y-gor
The Royal Thanks (1) 5c * 188 10m Ban-y-gor
Too Short 5b 75 12m Ban-y-gor
Laughability 6a 73 7m Ban-y-gor
Tinaderm (Circular) 6a 177 10m Ban-y-gor
The Chubby Brown Syndrome 5c 182 12m Ban-y-gor
The Fatter Controller 6a 51 8m Ban-y-gor
Ugooloo 6a * 666 13m Ban-y-gor
Muddy Waters 6a ** 393 20m Ban-y-gor
Who Do You Think I Am? 6a+ * 48 12m Ban-y-gor
You're Having A Laugh? 6a 183 7m Ban-y-gor
A Liberal Smear 6a+ 61 12m Ban-y-gor
A Midsummer Night's Garden (1) 6a+ * 265 13m Ban-y-gor
Nation of Shopkeepers 6a+ * 291 12m Ban-y-gor
Polarization 6b * 141 11m Ban-y-gor
Slow Macabre Dance 6a+ 292 10m Ban-y-gor
Take The Wave 6a+ * 154 11m Ban-y-gor
Autumnal Dark 6b * 97 10m Ban-y-gor
Gordonzola 6b+ * 581 11m Ban-y-gor
Join the Union, Jack 6b+ * 232 11m Ban-y-gor
Josie Swoonpence 6b * 462 11m Ban-y-gor
Lip Service 6b * 48 11m Ban-y-gor
Lordy, Lordy 6b 26 12m Ban-y-gor
Lotus Wing 6b ** 691 12m Ban-y-gor
So Gross 6b * 192 11m Ban-y-gor
A Little Stiff'ner 6b * 625 9m Ban-y-gor
The Chepstow Triangle 6b 72 17m Ban-y-gor
The Microwave Man 6b 79 12m Ban-y-gor
Victimization 6b+ * 151 11m Ban-y-gor
Alienation 6b+ * 80 9m Ban-y-gor
Avatamsaka 6b+ ** 185 12m Ban-y-gor
Avidya 6b+ ** 114 12m Ban-y-gor
Discharge 6b+ 55 12m Ban-y-gor
Doyouthinkhesawus 6b+ 155 9m Ban-y-gor
Get Them Out By Xmas 6b+ 94 12m Ban-y-gor
Heady Days 6b+ *** 505 20m Ban-y-gor
Let's Hear It for Lorenzo 6b+ 45 9m Ban-y-gor
Slug Control 6b+ * 80 9m Ban-y-gor
The Good Friday Agreement 6c ** 241 13m Ban-y-gor
Violation of Trust 6b+ * 214 11m Ban-y-gor
Always The Rain 6c * 80 14m Ban-y-gor
Duhkha 6c * 313 12m Ban-y-gor
East Of Sweden 6c ** 392 14m Ban-y-gor
Habit of a Lifetime 6c ** 66 11m Ban-y-gor
Kalamazoo 6c 25 11m Ban-y-gor
Spunk Trumpets 6c * 161 12m Ban-y-gor
Stars and Stripes 6c ** 227 14m Ban-y-gor
The Toe 6a+ 29 7m Ban-y-gor
Who do you Think You Are? 6c * 13 11m Ban-y-gor
Who Is This Man Dukakis? 6c 92 12m Ban-y-gor
His Master's Voice 6c+ ** 155 11m Ban-y-gor
Just Yvonne More 6c+ * 106 14m Ban-y-gor
Lounge Lizard Leisure Suit 6c+ * 60 18m Ban-y-gor
Ninety-Nine Rabid Feminists 6c+ * 65 14m Ban-y-gor
One Step Ahead of the Blues 6c+ * 38 14m Ban-y-gor
SoFB Country 6c+ * 30 12m Ban-y-gor
Sperm Wales 6c+ * 102 12m Ban-y-gor
The Disillusioned Bronto Machine 6c+ 48 9m Ban-y-gor
Trans-African Drum Battle 6c+ 26 9m Ban-y-gor
Secretively Slabby 3a 420 7m Wyndcliff Quarry
Hooting 3a 167 6m Wyndcliff Quarry
Random Stan 3c 335 10m Wyndcliff Quarry
Stop Hitting Your Sister, Or You Won't Get Any Brioche 4a 545 9m Wyndcliff Quarry
Walk with Me 3c 573 9m Wyndcliff Quarry
Brainless 4a 257 ? Wyndcliff Quarry
Finding Netherdom 5c 102 18m • 2 Wyndcliff Quarry
Full Fat Diet 4a 345 ? Wyndcliff Quarry
More of the Ass 4b 512 10m Wyndcliff Quarry
The Banana Splits 4a 798 ? Wyndcliff Quarry
The Bolt Monster Returned 4a 495 9m Wyndcliff Quarry
Bananarama 5a 613 10m Wyndcliff Quarry
Bonjour Rodney 5a 532 9m Wyndcliff Quarry
Esme Doodle 4b 437 11m Wyndcliff Quarry
I Can't Stand the Rain 4c 679 9m Wyndcliff Quarry
Simples 4c 329 9m Wyndcliff Quarry
Arête de Controverse 5c * 26 8m Wyndcliff Quarry
As Above, So Below 5b 31 18m Wyndcliff Quarry
Better Pepper Feta 5b 352 ? Wyndcliff Quarry
Cheese and Prickle 5a 235 9m Wyndcliff Quarry
Come to Mother 5c * 474 18m Wyndcliff Quarry
Nice Thicket 5a 475 8m Wyndcliff Quarry
No Time For Lunch 5a 254 7m Wyndcliff Quarry
Old Men Last Longer 5c ** 1367 10m Wyndcliff Quarry
Ollier's and Mafucci 5b 687 9m Wyndcliff Quarry
Certified Rockfax Free 5c 274 9m Wyndcliff Quarry
Three Amigos 5c 256 7m Wyndcliff Quarry
Banana Crack 5c 472 ? Wyndcliff Quarry
The Competence Party 5c 276 ? Wyndcliff Quarry
Don't Feed the Trolls 5b 307 11m Wyndcliff Quarry
Flowstone Wall 5c 442 ? Wyndcliff Quarry
Gallions Reach 5c 523 11m Wyndcliff Quarry
Hollow Talk 5c 463 9m Wyndcliff Quarry
I Wish U Heaven 5c * 564 13m Wyndcliff Quarry
Less is More 5c 457 10m Wyndcliff Quarry
No More dream Cafe 5c 388 ? Wyndcliff Quarry
Not the Return of Dr SquareHead 5c 571 ? Wyndcliff Quarry
Poverty Stricken 5b 284 ? Wyndcliff Quarry
Your Magic Is Upon Me 5b 574 7m Wyndcliff Quarry
Stranded No More 5a 838 15m Wyndcliff Quarry
Tameness 5c * 627 11m Wyndcliff Quarry
The Big 60 5a * 139 23m Wyndcliff Quarry
The Crag of Impossible Dreams 5a 308 8m Wyndcliff Quarry
Thick End of the Wedge 5c 165 8m Wyndcliff Quarry
Banana Skin 6a 576 ? Wyndcliff Quarry
Different Shades Of Blue 6a 146 13m Wyndcliff Quarry
Gone are the Days 6a * 705 16m Wyndcliff Quarry
Head Full of Hedda 6a * 287 12m Wyndcliff Quarry
Healing Potion 6a * 644 8m Wyndcliff Quarry
Housequake 5c 313 9m Wyndcliff Quarry
It's Ovah for Jehovah (2) 6a 543 14m Wyndcliff Quarry
Locally Sauced 6a 348 ? Wyndcliff Quarry
Never What You Think 6a 133 13m Wyndcliff Quarry
Not the Arete 6a 439 12m Wyndcliff Quarry
Pedestal Route 6a 911 12m Wyndcliff Quarry
Same Old Story 6a * 904 ? Wyndcliff Quarry
The Toaster Man 6a 347 ? Wyndcliff Quarry
Wot! No Eric 6a 617 ? Wyndcliff Quarry
Apostrophe S 6b+ 176 13m Wyndcliff Quarry
Chepstow Killer Appliances 6a+ * 575 12m Wyndcliff Quarry
Finishing Touch (original line with direct start) 6b * 870 12m Wyndcliff Quarry
One in the Oven 6a+ 406 13m Wyndcliff Quarry
One Tooth Short of a Smile 6a+ * 1125 9m Wyndcliff Quarry
Oubliette 6a 67 18m • 2 Wyndcliff Quarry
Rock Hard in a Funky Place 6b * 578 9m Wyndcliff Quarry
Sometimes I Won't Thrill You 6a+ * 1143 15m Wyndcliff Quarry
THE END 6a+ * 996 12m Wyndcliff Quarry
The Order of Yoni 6a+ * 245 8m Wyndcliff Quarry
The Sun is Shining Down 6a+ ** 1220 17m Wyndcliff Quarry
Boris 6b 67 10m Wyndcliff Quarry
Hong Kong Wedding 6b * 661 17m Wyndcliff Quarry
Pine Processionary 6b 173 ? Wyndcliff Quarry
Red Ken 6b 138 10m Wyndcliff Quarry
Silver-tongued Cavalier 6b 203 9m Wyndcliff Quarry
Winging It 6b 26 ? Wyndcliff Quarry
Woke Up Dreamin' 6b+ * 695 12m Wyndcliff Quarry
Amused? 6b+ 189 9m Wyndcliff Quarry
Better In than Out 6b+ * 365 ? Wyndcliff Quarry
Red Recess 6b+ 92 ? Wyndcliff Quarry
Shadows Run Black 6c * 290 10m Wyndcliff Quarry
Shin Gi Tai 6b+ ** 925 16m Wyndcliff Quarry
Shin Gi Tai (2) 6b+ ** 220 15m Wyndcliff Quarry
Shin Gi Tai (3) 6b+ * 49 16m Wyndcliff Quarry
Diminishing Returns 6c * 412 10m Wyndcliff Quarry
Empire and Revolution Direct Finish 6c+ 158 12m Wyndcliff Quarry
Miss Whiplash 6c+ ** 309 ? Wyndcliff Quarry
Mr Whippy 6c+ ** 516 ? Wyndcliff Quarry
94 stars 55,191 1,699m 171
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