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Summer has long disappeared and a prolonged, warm day spent out on rock seems more like a memory than a potential weekend activity. However, despite how bleak the prospect of climbing this winter seems, there is one redeeming factor that comes with the sub-zero temperatures and long nights … Grit season is well and truly upon us, and sights are now being set on gritstone problems abandoned in spring when temperatures began to rise. To get you inspired to get back out on ‘God’s own rock’, we’ve selected films containing the best grit action on SteepEdge:




Starting at the cutting-edge, Equilibrium records the build up to, and ascent of, gritstone’s first ever E10. Following a month in the life of top English climber Neil Bentley, we see the huge levels of mental and physical preparation he must undergo to conquer the most dangerous climb he has ever attempted, and the strain this obsession puts on both his climbing and daily life. The famous scene in which Neil sits on ‘the ledge’ before his ascent is probably the best example on film of a climber getting into the right headspace to step into the unknown.


Stick It

Although Stick It is a trip around the best bouldering locations in the country, it’s the scenes on grit that everyone remembers. From Jerry Moffatt cruising up the hardest problems at Stanage Plantation in perfect conditions, (even winning the lottery can’t get you that), to Ben Moon’s epic siege on 8 ball, Stick It will make you want to get out on the most difficult boulder problems gritstone has to offer.


Grit Flick

Hugely accomplished mountain film-maker Alastair Lee’s tribute to gritstone climbing. Featuring some of the hardest ascents on grit in a variety of locations, including Jordan Buys making the second ascent of Widdop Wall (E10), Ryan Pasquill making the first ascent of Gerty Berwick, described by John Dunne as ‘the hardest route on grit’ and Pete Whittaker climbing a mantle at the roaches with a British tech grade of 7b (French 8c)! With many more impressive ascents of gritstone horrors, Grit Flick is seventy minutes of British trad at its highest level.


Winter Sessions

A film dedicated to gritstone bouldering in the Peak District. While the film includes ascents of the Peak’s hardest problems, including Ben Moon’s first and Tyler Landman’s second ascent of Voyager (8b), it also includes ascents of some of the best problems on grit at more amenable grades. Winter Sessions not only includes Peak classics, but also the best new problems on grit, meaning it features climbs which will inspire boulderers of all levels.


Life on Hold

Like Stick It crossed with Hard Grit. Not only does Life on Hold include ascents of the hardest boulder problems on grit, but also showcases a new breed of ‘highball’ boulderers who push the limits of what can feasibly be climbed without a rope above pads. Including highball ascents of The Promise (E8) and Samson (E6), Life on Hold captures the hard and high ascents which are the current state-of-the-art in gritstone climbing.


Hard Grit

Obviously. At fifteen years of age Hard Grit is still considered to be the best film on the dark and dangerous world of hard gritstone trad. Featuring a now-infamous opening sequence of Jean-Minh Trin-Thieu on Gaia, Seb Grieve babbling his way up the first ascent of Meshuga (E9) and Grimer’s definitive history of grit climbing’s most important developments, Hard Grit remains a must see for any aspiring grit climber.


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