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Announcements direct from the manufacturers

13 Feb 2018

thumb2018 has got off to a flying start for Scarpa, with three new additions to the range: the Furia S, the Instinct SR, and the Mago

12 Feb 2018

thumbPerfected for ski mountaineering, the Sharp Edge is designed for technical climbs and nail-biting descents. Striking the balance...

9 Feb 2018

thumbRockfax has three exciting guidebook projects for 2018 - a couple of old friends given the full new book treatment, and an...

8 Feb 2018

thumbTough and toasty Primaloft Gold winter belay jacket for keeping warm when resting, at belay stances, and between those stints of...

7 Feb 2018

thumbDown gets wet and loses its heat-trapping loft whilst synthetics never quite achieve the same warmth and compressibility. This...

5 Feb 2018

thumbMade for mountain approach over long routes on mixed terrain, this is a particularly comfortable, sturdy and very stable shoe.

30 Jan 2018

thumbAndy Kirkpatrick's new book, Unknown Pleasures, is now available to pre-order.

22 Jan 2018

thumbWith a wide range of rope choice there is a rope available to meet your needs. To assist helping you choose your next rope Beal...

Jan 2018

thumbExtensively researched by local activists with many years of rock-climbing experience on the coast of West Cornwall, this...

Jan 2018

thumbRab introduce their ultimate winter waterproof combo - an extremely robust Jacket and bib designed using their exclusive...

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Gear Reviews

Independent reviews from the UKC gear testers

16 Feb 2018

thumbWhether it's for Scottish mixed, Continental ice or drytooling, a pair of technical axes are your key weapons. In this comparison...

13 Feb 2018

thumbWith plenty of warmth for its weight, this is an excellent belay jacket for low-to-mid grade climbing, says Helen Rennard, though...

2 Feb 2018

thumbThe ADJAMA has been a popular general purpose harness for quite a number of years. For 2018 Petzl have brought out a new version,...

30 Jan 2018

thumbFeatherless is Marmot's entry to synthetic fill that claims to give down a run for its money. How does it fare in the cold and...

26 Jan 2018

thumbWhether you're recovering from an injury or hoping not to get one, this odd-looking self-massage device could be part of the...

23 Jan 2018

thumbThis waterproof insulated glove is just as tough and dextrous as the original Guide Glove, but with a less bulky cuff it fits...

Jan 2018

thumbThe Alpkit Viso 2 is ideal for 3-season car camping or travel. It's no lightweight, but if you're counting pounds more than...

Jan 2018

thumbEveryone likes a pair of jeans that you can climb in, but still look good down the pub - and the Mercury Jeans certainly tick...

Jan 2018

thumbIf you hear the name Beal you'll probably think ropes, but the brand has a range of hardwear too. The new Be Free Rubber is a...

Jan 2018

thumbMarrying weatherproof fabrics with a snazzy pile lining, this is a bit of a cutting edge softshell, reckons Dan Bailey. Perhaps...

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