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The Munros - the definitive new hill guide from the SMC

The fourth edition of this classic guide not only offers the most detailed and comprehensive route descriptions to Scotland's 3000-foot peaks available in print, but it looks great too, with a smart layout and quality photography. This is the best Munros book yet produced, says Dan Bailey.

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Christmas Books - Our Top Picks of 2020

If lockdowns have hit our outdoor lives this year, then at least many of us have had more time for reading. In our annual festive feature, staff and contributors at UKClimbing and UKHillwalking review their favourite books of 2020. It's a varie...

The Great Sea Cliffs of Scotland 

"Even if you're only vaguely into Scottish rock climbing, I can't see how your life is going to be complete without this book" says Rob Greenwood.

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Hamish MacInnes: Fox of Glencoe

Hamish MacInnes was born in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland in 1930. A legend in the field of mountaineering, he pioneered many of Scotland's most challenging climbs and numerous testpiece routes overseas. As well as founding both the S...

The Great Sea Cliffs of Scotland 

The Great Sea Cliffs of Scotland is published by Scottish Mountaineering Press, a subsidiary of Scottish-registered charity Scottish Mountaineering Trust. Scottish Mountaineering Press are passionate advocates for Scotland's stunning mountainous...


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Article Stack Them Up - Scottish Sea Stacks

Richard Haszko recounts a 'long weekend' of ticking three classic Scottish sea stacks, meetings with Fulmars, fisherman and some sandbagged grades...

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