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The Great Sea Cliffs of Scotland, compiled by Guy Robertson Product News

© Scottish Mountaineering Press

These are spaces where climbers and mountaineers will always be at home – where the risks always remain, and choices are dictated by the vagaries of climate and tide as much as by ego and ambition. For so many of us Scots – even those of us living in the towns and cities – this other world of rocks by the sea is never far away. It's close and familiar to us. Yet so much of it remains undiscovered, even the parts we think we know well. Within any given few miles, a contortion of headlands, hidden inlets and sea caves provides a lifetime of exploration to those who make the time. Across many thousands of miles of coastline, the possibilities are endless.

This expansive otherworldliness is at the heart of both the sea itself and the climbing we enjoy along its margins. When we disappear down over the edge and latch on to climb a sea cliff, we're immediately extracted from the relentless humdrum of the anthroposphere and transported into a parallel universe owned by local bird and sea life. It's an arresting, and soon humbling and restorative experience. Add to this that many really big, wild and truly great Scottish sea cliffs require long, complex and committing journeys (think driving, sailing, walking, abseiling and even swimming) just to reach the start of your route, the ingredients are there for a recipe for adventure that is second to none.

The Great Sea Cliffs of Scotland  - Contents  © Scottish Mountaineering Press
The Great Sea Cliffs of Scotland  - Contents
© Scottish Mountaineering Press

About the book

The Great Sea Cliffs of Scotland is an anthology of climbing adventures from twenty-six of the most extraordinary sea cliffs across Scotland. From the farthest flung sandstone sea stacks of the northern isles, to the granite playground of the Aberdeenshire coast, via the intricate archipelago of the Hebrides, all the major sea cliffs on the Scottish mainland and surrounding islands are covered in five distinct sections. Each area is described in rich detail and accompanied by personal accounts that offer an intimate perspective of the distinctive nature of this unique environment, and the generous rewards for those willing to accept the challenge of these seemingly improbable lines.

With contributions from some of the most renowned pioneers and activists in the field of climbing as well as those simply in search of adventure, this compilation traces the remarkable history of Scottish sea cliff climbing and offers a glimpse of its future. Original poetry by Stuart Campbell complements each introductory section, and exclusive images from some of the UK's most distinguished photographers reveal the cliffs in high resolution with unique clarity and vibrance, capturing the drama and scale of these magnificent seascapes. The foreword is written by Julian Lines, author of Boardman-Tasker winning Tears of the Dawn, and the UK's most prolific deep-water solo climber.

About the author

Guy Robertson lives with his family in Aberdeen, Scotland, where he works as a low carbon project manager. He has put up new rock and winter climbs in regions as diverse as Africa, the Middle East, the Alps, Peru, Norway and the Greater Himalaya. However, it is for his domestic winter exploits he is best known, having been active at the forefront of Scottish winter climbing for many years.

Guy has an enduring passion for writing and storytelling in mountaineering and, in addition to his book The Great Mountain Crags of Scotland (Vertebrate Publishing, 2014), has had a number of essays published in the Scottish Mountaineering Club Journal, the American Alpine Journal and UK-based climbing magazines.

The book has written contribution Ross Jones, Tim Rankin, Guy Robertson, Andy Inglis, Lou Reynolds, Dave MacLeod, Wilson Moir, Grant Farquhar, Simon Nadin, Murdoch Jamieson, Rob Christie, Blair Fyffe, Steve McClure, Rick Campbell, Kevin Howett, Karin Magog, Alice Irmak Thompson, Pete Herd, Ian Taylor, Tess Fryer, Mick Fowler, Simon Richardson and Jason Currie. Original poetry by Stuart Campbell. Foreword by Julian Lines, author of Boardman-Tasker winning Tears of the Dawn, and the UK's most prolific deep-water solo climber.

The Great Sea Cliffs of Scotland is published by Scottish Mountaineering Press who exist to promote and protect Scotland's natural wonders. We do this by embracing the creativity and art born out of an explorer spirit. By celebrating the endeavour and joy in a life lived outdoors. And by putting our profits back into the conservation of Scotland's wild places. The Great Sea Cliffs of Scotland is available to pre-order from www.scottishmountaineeringpress.com for £30 (normal price £35) or £40 for a special limited run edition.

For more information visit Scottish Mountaineering Press

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Very, very excited to see this...

18 Sep

Agreed, I've ordered a copy.

18 Sep

They forgot to mention Meikle Ross and Burrow Head!

I suspect it was less of a case of forgetting and more a case of sleepless nights wondering what to include and what not to include :-)

18 Sep

Ordered... disappointed the mighty Aberdour failed to make the cut :P

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