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Need a quick hydration hit on the trail? The new award winning MSR® TrailShot™ Microfilter effortlessly delivers filtered water direct from the source into your mouth or hydration system. The TrailShot is the smartest way to hydrate safely and quickly on the trail and keep on going.

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The pocket-size TrailShot for trail runners, fast packers, hikers and mountain bikers minimizes the step to clean water with a simple-to-use, incredibly lightweight design that provides quick, all-day hydration wherever water is available. The process is simple: drop the hose into the water source, squeeze the filter, squirt clean water free of bacteria, protozoa and particulates into your mouth, bottle or reservoir, stash it in your pocket and go.

"It's the first filter I will actually carry regularly on long training runs in the mountains," said Jeff Browning, a Patagonia® Trail Ambassador and Altra Endurance Team athlete who tested the TrailShot in the Owyhee Canyon. "Everything else has always been clunky or too heavy when trying to stay light and fast. The TrailShot is so perfect for what we do. I was able to carry it in my side pocket of my shorts. It's easy to backflush, light and easy to carry. Perfect for trail runners that have a few water sources on their long runs. I'll use this a lot on extended runs in the Cascades this summer.

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