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Es Tresidder on the Patagonia Ice Cap wearing the Adidas Yodai Goggles
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I remember someone telling me when I started skiing a few years ago that good quality goggles were worth investing in, because they were so much better than cheap ones. At the same time someone else assured me that whatever the price, all goggles steam up, it is a fact of life, and you just had to learn to work around it. Needless to say I went with the latter opinion and picked myself up a pair for under 20 euros.

Having used the Adidas Yodai goggles extensively in Patagonia, I now see that the first bit of advice was sound. No matter what I did in these goggles; skinning hard uphill in a blizzard, even blowing warm breath into them, I could not get them to steam up. Gone was the desire to keep goggles off in all but the foulest conditions, and I was able to enjoy my own little double-glazed microclimate whenever the weather got a bit nasty. Superb, I'm a convert!

More generally the goggles performed excellently. The frame has been well designed to impede periphery vision as little as possible, and they are the first goggles I have tried that maintain a good fit with the face even with a helmet on. The pair I was testing were fitted with a "Light Stabilising Technology" (LST) active gold lens, designed to provide a "brightening effect despite high light absorption". The clarity of the lenses was flawless and the level of shading just right – excellent vision in "storm" conditions while maintaining enough protection for a bit of sun too. You would maybe want another pair with darker lenses if you like to ski all day in goggles even in bright sunshine, but if they are to be used for mountaineering as "storm protection" with sunglasses on in finer weather, they are perfect.

To top it all off the coating to the lens looks a bit like the coating that NASA use on their space helmets, so you can relive all those childhood fantasies of going to the moon.

Faults? Oh yes, back to the price. These babies retail at £115. You pays your money, you makes your choice.

Note: I presume that part of the reason they are so good at not steaming up is because they have fancy expensive coatings on them. If you buy these or any other decent pair of goggles, it is worth looking after them obsessively, since just a few scratches will result in a substantial drop in performance. I kept mine in the soft cloth bag provided while they were in the 'sack (most of the time), for 6 weeks of expedition treatment, and they still look fine.

Environmental information: None available specifically about this product, although there is some information about Adidas' general environmental policies on their website.


The Yodai is Adidas eyewear's top snowsports goggle that marries slick styling with performance. For Winter 2009, the Yodai is available in eight colourways.

An opened-up and extremely wide field of vision expands your individual horizons. The Yodai's approximate 220° peripheral and 100° vertical scope of vision is the bomb. This wide field of vision is possible through smart frame dimensions and construction. In addition, the foam that binds the twin filter is positioned in a way that it is visually hidden for a cleaner aesthetic. This performance eyewear is completed with the Vision Advantage™ twin filter lens. It provides distortion free vision, is shatter proof and scratch resistant. An anti-fog coating in conjunction with a smart ventilation system that encircles the entire frame, prevents fogging of lenses. Furthermore the air vents have been raised at an angle that allow for an appropriate amount of air to filtrate. As a result anti fogging prevention is strong while protection of the eyes from the elements reassured.

Yodai Goggles
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For those requiring optical correction, a Performance Clip-in™ facility is available and can easily be self fitted and removed. Using prescription-goggles means your eyes won't dry out behind contacts and also means you're eyes are less prone to infection.

Lenses, all with 100% UVA, B and C protection, come in a range of six colours, catering for differing lighting conditions. The LST Active Silver tint for example, has a brightening effect and is designed for partly overcast weather conditions, still offering over 70% light absorption. The lenses have a Quick-Change™ system which means they can be easily interchanged should conditions change.

The Yodais are helmet compatible. The silicone grip on the inner sides of the head-band provide a secure fit when wearing a helmet, enhanced by the clip system for easy opening and closing of the head-band. The comfort aspect has been addressed with a 2 layer area of soft foam padding for added comfort and ideal resting position of the frame on wearer's face.

This season the Yodai's come in a choice of eight colours including khaki, orange, white, silver and black.

The price is £115 - stockist enquiry number 020 8 98 78899.

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23 Dec, 2009
Agree with the review brilliant goggles. I got mine from for £94.99
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