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Climbskin® is a young Spanish company created by a group of climbers who decided to pool their knowledge to create Climbskin® Hand Cream. We have a Ph.D in Chemistry, a Biologist with over ten years of experience in the manufacture of cosmetics and a nature-based health Physician who have created this unique product.

FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: Climbskin® Hand Cream is designed by climbers for climbers, but also for people who need extra care of their hands. Climbskin® Hand Cream is a fast-absorbing cream.

MAXIMUM QUALITY NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Its balanced combination of high quality extracts and oils in an exceptionally thin matrix give it a dense texture, not oily even at high temperatures. It does not contain artificial colours or flavours, only ingredients of the best quality, whose combination yields a pleasant aroma, natural and characteristic. Not tested on animals.

REGENERATES, HEALS, HYDRATATES AND CALMS: Climbskin® Hand Cream contains the most potent skin regenerative agents found in nature, in a new and precise formula with eight major components: Dragon’s Blood, Tincture of Benzoin, Centella Asiatica, Shea Butter, Achillea Millefolium, Buckthorn Oil, Aloe Vera and Rosehip Oil. Climbskin® Hand Cream achieves exceptional deep hydration and has a great calming effect on the skin after climbing. The skin absorprtion and penetration of Climbskin® Hand Cream is much higher than wax-based products, so there is less residue on the skin.

BEFORE CLIMBING: Apply Climbskin Hand Cream 1 to 2 hours before climbing. Unlike other products, this is possible thanks to its quick absorption. A proper hydration gives the skin more elasticity, reducing the chances of any further damage, such as cracks or opening calluses. Tincture of benzoin and natural silica also help to regulate sweating, which is an important factor in skin wear.

Team Climbskin Members Dani Andrada and Chris Sharma, 145 kb
Team Climbskin Members Dani Andrada and Chris Sharma
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The cream is 30ml (1.01 oz) in safe sealing hardened plastic container

“Having good skin is essential for climbing “a muerte”. I’ve been using Climbskin daily for the last years because it is definitely the best product for the skin care of climbers, something that fanatics like had always looked for”

- Dani Andrada

Team Climbskin Member Emma Twyford, 106 kb
Team Climbskin Member Jim Pope, 101 kb
Team Climbskin Member Jules Littlefair, 91 kb

Team Climbskin members Emma Twyford (left), Jim Pope (centre) and Jules Littlefair (right).

For a full list of the UK Team Members click here.

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