Organic Climbing has now landed in the UK

Organic Climbing, 83 kb

The colourful, eye catching bouldering mats from the USA are now available in the UK. Each mat is individually handmade and no two ever feature the same colourful design. 

Crafted with simplicity and longevity in mind Organic utilise the highest quality materials possible to ensure each product has brilliant performance.

Founder Josh Helke initially started producing Organic mats from his bedroom for himself and his friends but, when one of the mats got into the hands of a gear editor and won an Editor’s Choice award the brand was propelled to a much wider audience.

The foam used in the mats is a blend of soy based ingredients so it uses far less oil than traditional foams. Its core of the design uses a closed cell rubber as opposed to a “packing foam” used by other brands. This core is then backed with dual layers of memory foam which blend together to provide a soft impact and reduce rebound on landing. The durability of this core, 3 layer design is outstanding and a testimonial to its integrity is the five year lifespan when used by US pro athletes.

Organic Briefcase Bouldering Mat, 125 kb
Organic Briefcase Bouldering Mat
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On the outside the covers use a true ballistic nylon by Cordura, many of the nylons on the market are imported and have the “look” of a ballistic nylon but aren’t of the same quality and degrade a lot quicker. Organic also use heavy-duty industrial sewing machines at all times so there is never a compromise in the level of sewing work.

At Organic nothing goes to waste, all the excess bits of materials are collected and then utilised to make other smaller products or to form parts of another design, from a small stripe to a chalk bag they are all made using the top quality ballistic nylon fabric.

There is also a great choice of T-shirts, hoodies and beanie’s to choose from in the range.

Organic Climbing T-Shirt, 63 kb
Organic Climbing Hoody, 76 kb


ORGANIC Climbing our story. from ORGANIC Climbing on Vimeo.


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For more information visit Organic Climbing
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