Re-inventing the chalk bag with HANCHOR Product News

Climbing and outdoor brand HANCHOR has taken a unique and fresh approach to chalk bag design that challenges the status quo. Their latest addition, the "SUPER", is a new generation of chalk bag that is equipped with a built-in chalk sock, allowing you to avoid frustrating chalk issues. Imagine, No more "dead rats" festering in the bottom of your bag, no more dropping chalk balls on your belayer, no more dusting your chalk into the wind and no more chalk balls that are "too full" or "too empty" to use. The new bag is designed with usability at its core and features a one-handed closure system that makes it easy and practical to fill without upsetting your local gym staff.

SUPER is the new generation chalk bag developed with the conept of built-in chalk sock. The all-new quick access closure of chalk sock makes it super easy to fill chalk without making a mess. And of course, it helps you chalk up better and enhance your climbing performance by combining a traditional chalk bag and a chalk ball.

  • Built-in chalk sock with an all-new quick access closure
  • A resilient pompon inside for excellent grip
  • High loft fleece liner holds and distributes the chalk evenly
  • High loft fleece laminated with TPU to prevent chalk being trapped between fleece and main fabric
  • Elastic closure fabric laminated with TPU to reduce chalk from being squeezed
  • With an elastic brush holder
  • Exclusive built-in chalk sock concept developed by HANCHOR
  • Easy to fill chalk with no mess
  • Evenly and efficiently chalk up
  • Always in the same easy-to-reach place - no hunting for a chalk ball
  • Won't fall out no matter what happens
  • Reduces air pollution
  • Throw it in your bag without chalk getting everywhere
  • Saves you chalk

• Chalk bag:102g Waist belt:21g

Accessories in the package:
• Waist belt
• Resilient pompon

SUPER Chalk Bag (Built-in chalk sock ) - Helps you climb better from HANCHOR on Vimeo.

Makers of the revolutionary Kangaroo & Hula chalk bag, as well as the World's lightest chalk bag Balloon SUL, HANCHOR is an urban and outdoor packing company specializing in light yet functional design. Besides chalk bags, HANCHOR also makes lightweight backpacks, technical packs, and more.

Established 2012 in Taipei, Taiwan, HANCHOR has been designing and hand making bags for outdoor adventures since 2010. HANCHOR = Hand+Anchor, both of which keep us on the wall when we climb, and our mission is to design innovative, simple, and high-quality bags to hold your stuff for all your adventures.


For more information visit Hanchor

29 Jul, 2016
£35? Seems reasonable for a chalkbag lol
29 Jul, 2016
How's that "revolutionary"? I'm pretty sure I had one of those sock things in my very first chalk bag - which cost a great deal less than that. (As far as I remember, it sucked so I jettisoned it.)
29 Jul, 2016
It looks big enough to use as an emergency bivi-bag on alpine routes lol
29 Jul, 2016
29 Jul, 2016
Price is a joke...
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