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Beal ORIENT EXPRESS is a unidirectional screw locking karabiner designed for use with belay plates where the ropes pass through the karabiner.

Thanks to the internal gate that clips onto a harness belay loop, the karabiner cannot be inverted. This ensures the correct orientation of the karabiner and reduces the risk of the belay system being weakened through cross loading.

Key features:

  • Nice and smart gate opening ring giving easy handling thanks to its flat faces
  • Quick lock and unlock
  • Perfect shape to use with our BIRDIE
  • Available in 3 colours matching the colours of our BIRDIE (Blue, Orange and Green)


  • Resistance Major Axis - 25kN
  • Resistance Minor Axis - 7kN
  • Resistance Gate Open - 7kN
  • Weight 81g

1 Nov, 2019

a cheap looking version of a DMM Ceros...

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