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Starting climbing as a beginner can be daunting enough without adding in the complications of what material should your gear loops be made out of or whether 1.5mm of rubber is better than 1.7mm.   

We asked friend of the brand and new climber Lucy O'Neill to summarise her top five favourite Edelrid products ideal for beginners. Lucy understands the daunting nature of being a new female climber and the equally daunting nature of starting to buy your own equipment. 

Starting a new hobby in your twenties can be a little daunting. Especially a sport such as climbing, where there are endless amounts of gear needed and recommended. So, when I decided to give climbing a go just over a year ago, I was overwhelmed by the vast amount of kit and terminology.

As I began to climb more and more, I decided it was time to step out of the rental harness and into one of my own. My indecisiveness meant that I went back and forth on which to buy.

Eventually, I went for the Jayne. This was a great choice for me for several reasons. Firstly, I appreciated that this harness was made specifically for a woman's shape and comes in three different colours, so irrespective of your taste your bound to find one you like! Secondly, the harnesses are true to size and goes from an XS to L. Inclusive for all! Lastly, this particular harness is part of Edelrid's sustainable #ClimbGreen range. Meaning that it meets the highest current standards of responsible manufacturing.

So now, that I had my own harness, came the tricky decision of what rope to go for. The Parrot 9.8mm seemed a good choice. For me, the environmental sustainability of this product was very appealing. It is made using upcycled yarn left over from the production of other Edelrid ropes, meaning very little goes to waste. This also means every rope has a unique colour which is quite funky.

As a new climber, my fear of people falling is still very much there. When I first began belaying, I often found myself confused and flustered not finding it the easiest thing to do. However, the Jul2 is simple and effective. The added safety of the assisted braking function made me feel much more confident even if my partner was out of sight on a steeper section of wall.

My choice of carabiner was the HMS Bulletproof Triple Lock FG. For me, the triple lock is great as it removes any risk of newer climbers forgetting to do up a screwgate. The retaining clip means that the carabineer is orienteered in the correct way when belaying, making the whole process much easier. Lastly, the stainless steel insert at the top of the carabiner increases the overall durability.

Now that we have the techy stuff out of the way, when it comes to chalk bags for me my favourite from Edlerid is the Splitter Twist. Like the Jayne, it comes in a variety of different colourways. The secure pocket for my phone and keys is great as it means that I don't have to worry about where they are. The waistband is comfortable, and the bag is easily accessible while on a climb. The twisting mechanism of the bag also means it is more secure than a standard drawstring and will not spill all over your climbing bag (from experience this is a big plus).

Thanks to Lucy for writing the article for us, hopefully it will give some of you who are new to the sport an idea of what you might need.

Whether you buy Edelrid or choose to go with another brand, it is important to find products that work for you and remember the best climber is the one having the most fun!

For more information visit EDELRID's website

31 Aug, 2023

"Secondly, the harnesses are true to size and goes from an XS to L. Inclusive for all!"*


To make a thing of how inclusive you are in your marketing, I think you would probably have to acknowledge that XL climbers do exist. If they're too niche a market to be worth catering for, maybe just keep schtum on the inclusivity thing.

31 Aug, 2023

Maybe L goes up to 11 on Edelrid's amp

31 Aug, 2023

I can comfortably say that my Large Edelrid harness doesn't fit me. It was also a challenge finding a harness for my girlfriend recently, bravo to Petzl for selling one with a wide range of sizes at a sensible price (Corax) compared to what is available from Edelrid, BD and DMM.

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