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Ocun’s WeBee Harnesses are made from closed cell EVA foam. They excel at all types of climbing from indoors, through to big walls in Yosemite.

The WeBee’s use 3D PE EVA closed cell foam to create a harness that is lightweight, breathable, flexible, durable and above all, comfortable. All of Ocun’s harnesses use slide-lock buckles that tighten up quickly and safely and cannot come undone.

WeBee Move and Lady

WeBee Move, 126 kb

WeBee Lady, 121 kb
The WeBee Move and Lady both use Ocun’s patented moveable waist system. This means that the waist padding and belay loop always stay centred. This allows the fit of the harness to be customised to suit each individual, maximising both comfort and safety. The dimensions of the WeBee Lady have been designed with the female form in mind.

Both harnesses have adjustable leg loops and feature four big, moulded gear loops, enough for the biggest of racks. Weights: 425g (Move) and 405g (Lady).

RRP: £55

We Bee 1

WeBee 1, 139 kb

The WeBee 1 is a stripped down version with fixed leg loops, designed primarily with sport climbing in mind, but equally at home trad or winter climbing. Weight: 330g

RRP: £45

WeBee Kid

WeBee Kids, 147 kb

A mini version of the WeBee Move designed around the dimensions of young climbers. 2 gear loops and adjustable leg loops complete the package. Weight: 345g.

RRP: £43

For more information visit Ocun
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