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Climbing Technology continues to improve and grow their range of climbing hardware and software. Spring 2017 sees some exciting new products in the range, along with some big upgrades on existing lines.


The Nimble Evo range of carabiners and quickdraws are completely new for 2017. Beautifully designed and made, the Nimble Evo SG is both strong, light and easy to use. The straight and curved snap gates have a new profile that makes them clipping a cinch and a catch free nose too.

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Nimble Evo Quickdraw sets come in a variety of forms; traditional Dyneema and nylon slings are available but the winner in the range is the Nimble Evo NY Pro - a sport climbing specific draw of the highest caliber.

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The Fly-Weight Evo is CT's lightweight crab (25g) that's ideal for weight conscious trad, sport and alpine climbing. The Fly-Weight Evo gets a new nose shape for 2017 that's designed to reduce the chance of either the rope or anchor getting snagged during use.

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The Fly-Weight Quickdraw sets also now feature a 10mm Dyneema sling, along with the new Fixit rubber fastener that prevents rotation and reduces wear and tear.


Featured on the majority of Climbing Technology quickdraws for 2017, the Fixit represents a simple yet effective upgrade to the existing range. It secures the lower carabiner fo the quickdraw to the sling, preventing accidental rotation thus increasing overall safety. It also protects the sling form wear and tear.

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The Warlock is a strong, lightweight HMS for all types of climbing. It's smaller overall size is offset somewhat by intelligent design that places increases surface area in the places that are handled the most. The Warlock also has a double T beam construction for optimal strength / weight ratio and a catch free nose.

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The popular Be Up belay device is now available as a set. It comes complete with CT's excellent belay specific carabiner, the Concept SGL.

The Be Up is a multi use belay / abseil device that can be used with half, twin and single ropes. It has a modular braking system and allows the auto locking and independent belaying of two seconds on a rope.

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The TAMI Harness is designed for ski touring and high altitude mountaineering. Developed in conjunction with Italian alpinist Tamara Lunger, the TAMI is super light at just 185g and packs down small enough to store in a jacket pocket. The breathable yet durable mesh fabric works in both warm and cold environments and the innovative Rel Easy system makes releasing the leg loops a simple task, even with gloves on.

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Read more about the TAMI Harness here.


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CT have two new rope bags in the range for 2017. The Tank Evo is a rucksack style rope bag with integrated tarp. The tarp has 4 rope tie in loops, one of which is red to denote which end of the rope to use. The Tank is big enough to store an 80m rope along with hardware too.

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The City Rope Bag is an over the shoulder style bag also featuring an integrated tarp that enables simple rope storage when moving from route to route, or at the end of the day. It has an adjustable shoulder strap, aluminum buckles and is a good option for both crag and wall use.

Read more about the City Rope Bag here.

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