DMM Phantom

DMM Phantom

Weight: 25.5 Grams
Major Axis: 23Kn
Minor axis: 7Kn
Gate open: 9Kn
Construction: Hot Forged 'I Beam'
Material: 7075.
Fully Heat Treated T6.

Just how have we managed to achieve these excellent vital statistics?

Well 30 years of manufacturing experience has alot to do with it. You could say that we kicked off the lightweight revolution a good few years ago when we introduced the Prowire to the climbing scene. At 36 grams it was the lightest biner in the world for a considerable time. But we didn't leave it at that , we have as always moved on, and again set new standards to which others have aspired.

One of the key factors in all these latest developments has been our use of the Hot Forged 'I Beam' construction which we were first to develop here at DMM in the construction of carabiners. Interestingly several other companies now use this terminology, but it was DMM who literally forged the way ahead.

Weight is obviously a key factor in the equation, but it isn't the only important issue here and our manufacturing techniques have allowed us to achieve these weight savings WITHOUT compromise. This means that a Phantom biner has a hugely impressive gate open strength of 9 Kn. Light and strong then, and also a usable size, so no compromise there either.

Apart from Design and Construction Technique, one other important factor comes into play. Heat Treatment plays a hugely important role, and we carry out all Heat treatment on site, and have done so for many years. This experience allows us to prescribe exactly the right recipes for the two phases involved, and achieve the precise hardness which will offer the greatest tensile strengths.

As a quickdraw the Phantom is available in three lengths, 12/18/25 cm. (colour coded yellow/ grey/ red for ease identification). All draws feature the 'Tadpole' system (a rubber retainer sewn in to the bottom end of the draw) which holds the rope clipping biner securely in place. This serves two purposes, it means the draw is always positioned correctly for you to clip, and also ensures the biner is orientated in the best way to load it along the spine where it is strongest.

The Phantom combines everything into one extraordinary biner. Strength, weight and ergonomics. You'll struggle to find another biner anywhere in the world which has the same combination. Strength for that added security, lightness to make your climbing easier , and ergonomics to make handling simple.

DMM PHANTOM Biners are all Hot Forged in Llanberis North Wales
All Heat Treatment is carried out on site.
All strengths are 3 sigma rated
All carabiner batches are 100% inspected.

For more information visit DMM
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