Beal Gully 7.3mm UNICORE - Available October 2013

Weighing in at a mere 36 g/m, the Beal Gully 7.3mm Unicore is the lightest double rope on the market. It is also certified as a twin rope. Its extremely low impact force (7.2kN as a double rope) makes it the ideal companion for ice and alpine climbing as well as for mountain climbing in the most demanding of terrain.

The Gully 7.3 also benefits from the reliability and additional safety that the UNICORE and Golden Dry technologies provide. By utilizing UNICORE, the sheath and core of the Gully are bonded together to eliminate sheath slippage and to reduce rope shrinkage. With the Golden Dry treatment, the Gully's sheath and core have been treated to become highly water and abrasion resistant.

What the Outdoor Show judges had to say:
“The Beal Gully double rope is a great product: although it has a small diameter, it offers climbers a maximum degree of safety.”

The Gully will be available in October 2013 and joins last years DIABLO 9.8mm and 10.2mm and this years Ice Line 8.1mm, Cobra 8.6 mm, Joker 9.1mm, Tiger 10mm, and Top Gun 10.5mm to make a full range of UNICORE ropes. Since it's introduction UNICORE ropes have received rave reviews for their handling and safety features.

What Is Unicore?

Ropes featuring UNICORE bind the sheath to the core without affecting the ease of use and suppleness of the rope, even under the most adverse conditions sheath slippage is reduced or totally eliminated, especially in such instances as top roping or active belaying.

Should the sheath be cut or torn on a rope featuring UNICORE the sheath and core will remain bonded together allowing the user to be able to pass any damaged section using proper techniques, markedly enhancing safety.

With the UNICORE  process:

  • Sheath slippage is eliminated.
  • Allows safe escape should the sheath be cut.
  • Makes rope cutting easy with a simple blade without any heating.
  • Reduction of shrinkage in water by more than 50 %.

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14 Aug, 2013
Please can an informed respondent assure me that by "double" rope they mean what old boys like me know as "half" rope i.e. a pair of ropes that can be clipped individually into alternate runners? This is implied by the inclusion of "also certified as a twin rope" but I want to be sure. If it is I'll be in the market for them when available.
14 Aug, 2013
Double and Half seem to be used interchangeably nowadays, so I can't imagine it would mean anything else.
14 Aug, 2013
Yes, seconded - Double=Half=Double=etc. Clipped alternately L&R (more or less). As Twins, they'd be tested clipped together to the same piece of gear. 7.3mm is amazing - and I thought my 8mm Mammuts were thin
19 Aug, 2013
Anybody seen any info about the number of UIAA falls as either half or twin?
21 Aug, 2013
Is there any belay device suitable for these thin ropes? Masa
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