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Pete Whittaker gives his feedback on the Marathon Pro, which Sterling Rope describe as 'the best all around rope for durability and handling'. At 10.1mm, the Pro has performed to the highest standards on more routes than most of the competition combined. It features a low impact force and as with all of our ropes a DryCore.

  • Dynamic Elongation - 35.30%
  • Impact Force - 8.6kN
  • Static Elongation - 8.40%
  • UIAA falls - 6
  • Weight - 63 g/M

Tom Randall on Belly Full of Bad Berries by Alex Ekins, 80 kb

Marathon Pro Red, 100 kb
Marathon Pro Purple, 85 kb

Pete Whittaker's Marathon Pro feedback:

"50m - Have to say this rope was awesome. We used it for a couple of weeks round the UK climbing a load of off widths before we even went to The States and it didn't show any signs of wear at all. We then headed to Vedauwoo where saying the rock is 'razor sharp' is an understatement. You should have seen our trousers after climbing there, torn to tatters. However despite the rope being dragged through a load of off widths it still showed minimum sign of wear. It must be the hardest wearing rope I've used. The ends did eventually have to be chopped down near the end of the trip due to the sheath eventually going.

Something else I found when using this rope was that it was very soft. Most 'harder wearing' ropes I've used before have been stiffer (not quite as easy/nice to hold in your hand). This also made it easier to use in the Gri Gri. usually with thicker ropes in a Gri Gri it's a nightmare to feed it through the device, however it rarely jammed, but then jammed absolutely fine when Tom fell off (which happened plenty of times ;) ...)

I can't actually think of anything that I didn't really like about this rope. Apart from maybe its weight, but that's kind of standard because of its diameter. Anyway yeh, definitely the best rope of that style I've used before..."

This rope can be bought from Rock and Run here.

For more information visit Sterling Rope
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