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Tendon are a long established brand from the Czech Republic who has been at the forefront of rope manufacture and development for decades, Tendon have been leading the way in rope technology advancement. Manufactured at their Lanex factory in the EU, Tendon are also a member of the European Outdoor Conservation Association aiming to ensure their rope production and activities are carried out in a way that helps to protect the environment and preserve nature. 

The main aims of Tendon's Research and Development has been to deliver ropes which have exceptional protection for the core, increased abrasion resistance and durability, as well as a greater degree of protection from water, all to prolong the life and handling of your rope.

Tendon's R&D has developed 2 different and significant designs within the core and sheath, TeFix and Secure, to give you unrivaled protection for the rope core and offer an unrivaled level of safety.

Their Single Braid System offers a more compact and smoother sheath for even better abrasion resistance, to give your rope a longer life.

Tendon's Complete Shield impregnates the rope with nanotechnology, micro particles of Teflon, to give a near impermeable protective layer for the maximum level of water and abrasion resistance. 

Here's what Tendon athlete Tom Randall has to say:

"I've been working with Tendon ropes for many years, whether it's hard core crack projecting in the Utah desert or European sport climbing trips. Whatever the scenario, the ropes out-perform almost any other rope that I've used in the last 20 years in two key ways. For me, the blend of durability AND functionality is super important. The Tendon ropes, especially the MasterPro range, hold up for years and years despite me hammering them yet remain soft and pliable for the same time. It's so good to use a rope that feels soft and new, yet doesn't burn out in a single season."

So which rope range is ideal for you?

Master and Master Pro - Tendon's top end range with the highest degree of crafting, technology and with Complete Shield protection

Ambition - A great range for climbers who want a rope with some treatments, still with the same careful manufacturing you can expect from Tendon

Master 7.8mm  © Tendon
Master 7.8mm
© Tendon
Master 9mm  © Tendon
Master 9mm
© Tendon
Smart 9.5mm  © Tendon
Smart 9.5mm
© Tendon
Ambition 8.5mm  © Tendon
Ambition 8.5mm
© Tendon

Indoor - A hardwearing and durable rope for indoor gym climbers. With less water resistant treatments, these ropes are a more competitive price

Smart and Smartlite - A budget end rope, just as durable as any other Tendon rope but at a fantastically low price. A great first rope

With so much care going into the design and crafting of their ropes, you're in safe hands when you tie onto the end of a Tendon rope!



Dark Ventures are the new distributor of Tendon Ropes.

For more information Dark Ventures / Tendon Ropes

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