Tendon Climbing Ropes Receive International Accolades

Tendon has recently secured two international accolades, highlighting the barnds status as a manufacturer of high performance ropes for every climbing situation.

Alpin Magazine - July 2013

The Master 9.7 rope gained the prestigious acknowledgement of Alpin Magazine as the Alpin Test Winner. The long-standing bestseller in our range has won out over the rival ropes made by leading manufacturers of the world (Sterling Ropes, Mammut, Millet) thanks to its low weight, robustness and very low water absorption.

American Alpine Institute - August 2013

The Master 8.9 Rope is one of the most specialized lightweight ropes that we have ever tested. Our guides were quick to choose this rope when climbing routes that involved using a half rope for crossing a glacier combined with ice or rock climbing that would require a single rope, or a second half rope. The Master 8.9 weighs only 52 grams per meter making it extremely light compared to other single ropes, and only a few grams per meter more than similar sized half ropes.

The Teflon Complete Shield treatment repelled dirt and water very well, keeping the rope from absorbing water when being used on snow or ice, and clean when being used on rock. The Teflon coating also seemed to keep the rope feeling new for longer than other dry coated ropes that we have used.

American Alpine Institute - Climbing Blog

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