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Rockcity Climbing Wall Paint does exactly what it says on the label. Our version of the famous 'Made in Hull' textured paint that has been tried and tested by the major UK climbing centres, including Rockcity, for the last 25 years.

The mighty Arch North in London, 181 kb
The mighty Arch North in London

Rockcity Climbing Wall Paint, 54 kb
Rockcity Climbing Wall Paint
Probably everybody who visits indoor climbing centres has climbed on this surface.

Rockcity Climbing Wall Paint is suitable for most types of new or existing climbing wall panels covering a variety of pre-painted finishes.

Ideal for large commercial areas or as happy on a home gym this texured paint will give friction to any panel.

Pre-mixed you only need to open the tin, stir well and start painting. No need for resins with pot lifes and two parts to mix, this paint is ready any day and can be put away to finish another time. Suitable for touch ups later on.

Awesome paint job at Awesome Walls, Stoke, 89 kb
Awesome paint job at Awesome Walls, Stoke

Available in almost all colours from RAL Classics, BS 4800 ranges to order. Discounts are available for large orders.

Rockcity can offer technical advice and has the support of its specialist manufacturing team to assist further.

Contact for more details.

Rockcity has also developed other specialist climbing wall products including Rockcity Pro Wall System and Rockcity Art Wall Shield.

, 60 kb

, 72 kb

, 73 kb

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