Polartec Power Dry Base Layers With Cocona

Base layers using Polartec Power Dry with Cocona: non-whiffy, green and more...

Peak Performance, 169 kb
Peak Performance
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Polartec Power Dry with Cocona uses coconut husks to create a fabric that is lightweight, has anti bacterial properties, offers UV protection and wicks nicely. Featuring in base layers from Peak Performance and Marmot, there's an array of colours to choose from this summer.

Polartec Power Dry with Cocona performance technology is based on activated carbon derived from coconut shells, a renewable resource.

  • A green option: 20 billion coconuts are produced to support industries like food and cosmetic. Cocona technology uses their husks – waste that would go to landfill – to make activated carbon.
  • A great wicker: Activated carbon is full of holes and creates a siphoning effect on perspiration.
  • No whiff: Activated carbon provides odour management through adsorption [adsorption is when one material adheres to the surface of another: odour molecules in the air are attracted into the fabric pores rather than into your nose. When pores are full a good wash will refresh them.
  • UV protection: Activated carbon absorbs harmful UVA and UVB rays, increasing the sun protection factor of Polartec® fabrics.

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That's the technology. Here are some of the products:

  • Marmot men's base layer (from £40)
  • Colours: lithium/lead
  • Stockist info:; 015395 63616

  • Marmot women's base layer (from £40)
  • Colours: black, violet, pink
  • Stockist info:; 015395 63616

For more information visit Polartec
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