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Why your outdoor boots and shoes need Nikwax

Your outdoor boots and shoes go through the mill, particularly when you wear them in the mud and rain. Over time, you may notice them starting to soak in water, or any leather on them starting to stiffen. That's because once dirty, soaked in water stops sweat from escaping so your feet feel wet and uncomfortable, and your boots will wear quicker than they should. Nikwax has a range of products to clean, restore and maintain all of your outdoor boots and shoes.

Before and After

Introducing Nikwax's award winning footwear cleaning and waterproofing range

Footwear Cleaning Gel™

Easy to use, safe sponge-on cleaner for all waterproof outdoor footwear. Gently cleans, restores breathability and water repellency. Recommend for Gore-Tex®, eVENT® and Sympatex footwear.

Waterproofing Wax For Leather™

Nikwax's founding waterproofing product for all smooth leather footwear. Adds instant high performance waterproofing. Maintains breathability, without over-softening the leather so your boots and shoes keep you dry, maintain their shape, last longer and continue to give you support.

Fabric & Leather Proof™

Easy to use high performance waterproofing for all fabric and leather combination footwear. Adds high performance water repellency, whist maintaining the support, texture and breathability.

A quick guide on how to clean and waterproof your boots and shoes

Step one:

Brush off any excess dirt and thoroughly wet your boots.


Step two:

Apply Nikwax Footwear Cleaning Gel by giving the bottle a shake, depressing the nozzle to break the seal and applying generously all over the wet surface of your boots, rinsing off any excess.


Step three:

Next, apply Nikwax Waterproofing Fabric and Leather Proof or Waterproof Wax for Leather depending on whether your boots are made of leather only or are part fabric as well. Again, give the bottle a quick shake. Either remove the cap or use the sponge applicator. Apply the product all over the surface of the boot paying attention to the seams. Wipe or polish off any excess product. Your boots will be immediately waterproof and ready to enjoy wearing again.


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