The Micro Puff Hoody: Patagonia's lightest, most packable insulated jacket ever. Product News

It all adds up to nothing.

The Micro Puff® Hoody is our lightest, most packable insulated jacket ever.

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It took us nearly a decade to reimagine insulation, but we're pretty happy with the result—a jacket as impressively warm, light and packable as down, but that stays warm even when wet.

Down gets wet and loses its heat-trapping loft whilst synthetics never quite achieve the same warmth and compressibility. This is the perplexity of insulation. But after years of tinkering we've managed to solve for the worst of each through advanced research and development. Using a filament that feels like down plumes, and a patterning construction that prevents shifting, clumping, or cold spots, we've constructed a jacket that reimagines insulation.

Our combination of PlumaFill insulation and patent-pending construction achieves a previously unattained balance of warmth, weight and compressibility.

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Key Details

  • The best warmth-to-weight ratio of any jacket we've ever created
  • More compressible than any synthetic jacket we've ever made
  • Feels like down
  • Insulates even when wet
  • Shows exceptional resiliency and loft retention after washing
  • Unique construction prevents shifting, clumping or cold spots for the life of the garment


Micro Puff Hoody Factory, 223 kb

We ruled out dozens of technologies before getting to PlumaFill—a central fiber spiraled by fluffy microfilaments that traps heat like down, but stays warm when wet and never shifts or clumps. Paired with the lightest woven shell and liner fabric we've ever used, the insulation stays incredibly lofty and has a downlike touch.


ISPO Gold Award, 27 kb
In order to stabilize the insulation and prevent shifting, we quilted this fabric in a specific orientation to the PlumaFill strands and stitched offset and discontinuous quilt lines to achieve larger lofted areas. Reducing quilt points cuts the overall weight of the jacket and potential for cold spots. Our team then developed a method for using fewer yet larger pattern pieces, allowing heat to move more freely within the jacket.


The Micro Puff is the product of refinement through an iterative process of lab and field testing. We spent years tweaking filament sizes, types and quantities, then sent prototypes of various construction mock-ups into the field for feedback and improvement in order to get to this performance highpoint. The jacket is now a tester favourite.

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