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The Precip Jacket boast more features than some jackets double its price
Leading technical apparel and equipment brand, Marmot, have launched a brand new technology. NanoPro, an exclusive 2.5 layer dynamically air permeable coating is hitting the shelves on a range of products, including the Precip right now.

What does NanoPro mean for you?
The technology that NanoPro uses utilises a PU coating that has been micro-engineered to be more breathable than any other coating (and some membranes too) on the market. The microporous structure allows for air particles to pass through it as well as moisture vapour molecules. In a standard coating or membrane, this would not happen and moisture becomes trapped.

Ulitmately, allowing air and moisture vapour to move through the jacket more freely, you, the user, are able to enjoy a more comfortable experience. In addition to this, the jacket is still
totally, 100% waterproof.

It’s worth pointing out that the NanoPro coating is not like other air permable technologies on the market because it is a 2.5 layer construction, a lighter and more packable style of waterproof technology. It is also very different to all of the other 2.5 layer jackets on the maket because it is air permeable.

Precip Jacket

The Precip Jacket boast more features than some jackets double its price. The 2014 version will come equipped with some new features including a wire-stiffened and adjustable hood that rolls into its collar when not in use. It also has Pit Zips™ for extra ventilation, is packable into its own pocket for easy storage in your rucksack or on your harness, has double storm flaps to keep the weather out in all weathers and an adjustable hem and cuffs for maximum personal comfort.


Marmot Womens Precip Jacket, 61 kb
Marmot Womens Precip Jacket
Marmot Mens Precip Jacket, 77 kb
Marmot Mens Precip Jacket


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