Kendal Wall DEAL OF THE MONTH: 5 Nitro Quickdraws

5 Nitro Quickdraws, 205 kb
Nitro Quickdraws

We are still continuing with our Nitro Quickdraw deal for online customers.

Our fantastic offer is 5 Nitro Quickdraws for £50, this can be a sport rack of 5 x 10cm QDs or a Sport mix of 3 x 10cm + 2 x 15cm QDs or a Trad mix of 2 x 10cm + 2x 15cm + 1x 20cm QDS a great choice.

The performance of the Nitro is a revelation and the feeling of quality is due to the I beam Back, Hot forged 7075 alloy. The 'biner itself only weighs 35 grams and when two of them are combined with the 10mm dyneema sling, the whole unit only weighs 77 grams.

These 'biner sets should start at £77.50 but you can by them for £50 and it's postage paid!

La Sportiva Katana, 172 kb


This is a special offer on the previous version of the Katana and will only be available while stocks last. The only difference between this and the current version is that this model has a Vibram XS Grip instead of the current Vibram XS Edge.

The Katana is one of the most popular shoes from the La Sportiva factory in Italy. It is a less agressive version of the Miura rock shoe family, so it is ideally suited to the intermediate climber who wants to progress or those looking for all day comfort. This is the Velcro version so easy on easy off.

The Katana has a slight down-turned last, which is maintained through a combination of synthetic and natural materials, with midsole support under the toe area. A medium width fitting and volume.

See this UKC Review: Katana VCR

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