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Check out this fantastic deal on of ice axes and hammers from Tiso. Buy any pair of Ice axes/hammers and get 25% OFF. This offer is exclusive to UKC so remember to use the promo code UKCAXE at checkout (while stocks last, not to be used in conjunction with any other offer).

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Petzl Charlet Quark Hammer/Axe

An update on the classic Petzl Quark and one of the most modular, multi-function ice axes on the market. Primarily designed for icefalls and alpine ascents, the new Quark is also an excellent Scottish all-rounder with a T-rated shaft and pick. Hammers/Adzes can be removed for dry-tooling or icefalls and the Trigrest can be moved and modified to suit individual demands. Swing weights (purchased separately) can also be added to aid penetration in very hard ice. Designed to be a leashless tool but can be retro-fitted with Petzl's excellent Clipper Leash and is compatible with all lanyard systems. 550g fully kitted or 460g stripped down

PRICE (PAIR): £390.00 - OFFER PRICE £292.50 (USE UKCAXE at checkout)

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Petzl Charlet Nomic New

The NOMIC ice axe allows the entire rock climbing repertoire to be transferred to ice. Thanks to its adjustable ergonomic handle, it offers multiple grip modes and limits the risk of snagging when switching hands. The ICE pick allows easy penetration in any type of ice, and pulls out easily. The modular head has two removable pick weights to balance the axe and propel it into the ice with an exceptional swing. The NOMIC ice axe can also be equipped with a hammer for placing pitons.

PRICE (PAIR): £430.00 - OFFER PRICE £322.50 (USE UKCAXE at checkout)

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D.M.M. Cirque Alpine Axe/Hammer 

DMM’s classic walking and mountaineering axe. Our popular workhorse walking and mountaineering axe is now even sleeker and stronger. The new handle provides superb grip and the fully T-rated pick and shaft provides ultimate security in self-arrest and belay building. Now also available in a hammer option for when the going gets steeper and two axes are required. A perfect pairing for lightweight semi technical mountaineering.

PRICE (PAIR): £170.00 - OFFER PRICE £127.50 (USE UKCAXE at checkout)

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D.M.M. Raptor Alpine Axe/Hammer 

A versatile tool for mountaineering, winter walking and classic climbs.Developed in conjunction with guides and mountaineering instructors, the Raptor is a classic tool that is built to last. The aggressive alpine picks deal easily with steep couloirs, ridges, glacier work and yet are still effective at self-arrests. The full size hammer and adze can cope with everything from cutting steps to chopping ledges, from bashing pegs to digging out belays. The gently curved shaft allows extra clearance whilst swinging and daggering, yet does not hinder hammering, step cutting, or plunging the tools.

PRICE (PAIR): £220.00 - OFFER PRICE £165.00 (USE UKCAXE at checkout)

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D.M.M. Fly Mountain Hammer 

The iconic DMM Fly: an all-round climbing axe brought bang up to date for 2012.Tried and tested the world over, our go anywhere, do anything, classic winter tool is even better. The original Fly has been used on the first ascents of challenging lines throughout the world for the last two decades. With this latest evolution we’ve updated the tools with modern climbing in mind; an improved handle, an improved pick set, a lower hand rest as standard and the option to add on an upper rest for leashless climbing.

PRICE (PAIR): £210.00 - OFFER PRICE £157.50 (USE UKCAXE at checkout)

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Grivel Tech Machine

The Tech Machine from Grivel has been designed primarily for ice climbing and dry-tooling. Interchangeable ICE pick is tapered at the tip (3 mm) for easy penetration, even in cold ice. The stout Mix blade, 4.2 mm, will accept your normal abuse hooking on both ice and rock. The Machine's radically bent shaft easily clears bulges and cauliflowers. Its shape allows stable hooking on both ice and rock. Solid placements come easily, even when the ice gets unruly.

PRICE (PAIR): £398.00 - OFFER PRICE £298.50 (USE UKCAXE at checkout)

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N.B. Extra weights/leashes are special order items and are not part of the offer.

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