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Parthian and Meshuga, 232 kb

These two models of climbing shoes are an unconventional solution to bring about performance, but with the belief that precision does not necessarily rely on cramming your foot into very small climbing shoes.

The innovative construction of the upper responds instantaneously when pressure is applied to the Michelin outsole. These two key elements of the shoe perform together in unison to compliment the biomechanics of the foot, redefining precision.


Parthian, 179 kb

Inspired by John Dunne's superlative hard grit route Parthian Shot (E10 6c now the infamous flake is no more), the Parthian is a new generation of performance shoe. It has a narrow, glove-like fit and high precision toe to effectively stick micro edges, shallow pockets and blank smears. Ideal for high-end technical trad climbing, sport climbing and bouldering, it climbs equally well both indoors and out.

Its snug fit, moderate stiffness and support make the Parthian versatile and suitable for a variety of different angles from slabs, through vertical walls, to moderately overhanging routes. The gently asymmetric shape and narrow, straight toe box allow the toes to stretch out and provide the required rigidity for toe-in-pocket or toe-in-crack moves.

Parthian Outdoor, 162 kb


Meshuga, 180 kb

Seb Grieve made the first ascent of Meshuga (E9 6c) in 1997 – in a pair of Velcro shoes – and it's remained a dynamic, overhanging three-star test piece ever since. Our Meshuga is a new breed of performance Velcro shoe with flexibility and sensitivity. Designed for bouldering, sport and steeptrad climbing, it excels on dynamic vertical pitches and steep, sustained overhanging routes where it will hook, grab and edge to glory.

The close, wrapping fit, moderate-to-flexible stiffness and support, and softer, edgy sole make it suitable for a wide variety of different angles. The gently asymmetric, moderately downturned shape offers instant comfort and has a wider, more flexed toe box than its counterpart, supported by a thermoplastic insert the Meshuga allows you to pull more with your toes.

Meshuga Outdoor, 187 kb

Compound Formula Wild: A New Level of Grip

The new sticky Formula Wild compound borrows its advanced friction and grip from MICHELIN®'s MotoGP tires.

The compound engineered exclusively with and for Wild Country provides superior friction, optimal and constant grip across a wide range of temperatures and excellent edging.

Molded Sole: Defined Precision

The Net Fit molding process makes it possible to create a 3D sole with a defined thickness of rubber for different areas of the foot to offer maximum sensitivity, friction. What's more, the moulding process ensures a greater durability over the lifetime of the shoes with consistent high-quality rubber definition and no wasted offcuts. Furthermore, it also means that if the sole wears out, it can be resoled at the forefoot area with full precision, thanks to a special moulded half-sole.

Innovative Construction: Long-lasting Performance

The Wild Country patented composite construction is an innovative combination of an elastic Polyurethane (PU) layer laminated between two layers of microfiber. Since PU has less viscoelasticity than conventional rubber, the shoes retain their shape and performance for longer without deforming.

Sandwich Construction

The microfiber and PU layers combine to form a "net" that wraps the foot. The PU tensioning layer is thicker in certain zones to provide targeted compression.


The textile midsole under the foot works together with the PU in the upper to create greater tension in the foot for additional support and push.

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