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Announcements direct from the manufacturers

14 Apr 2017

thumbNew for spring 2017, the TAMI Harness is one of the most specialist and focused harnesses Climbing Technology has ever made.... Read more

10 Apr 2017

thumbA lightweight and comfortable harness designed for rock climbing at every level. The versatile design of the Energy makes it a... Read more

Mar 2017

thumbThe Alpine Flash builds on the amazing Flash harness with a purpose-built design for technical alpinism and ice climbing at the... Read more

Apr 2016

thumbInnovative and inspired, the radical new design of this all-new harness range offers a precision fit previously unattainable. Read more

Apr 2016

thumbThe new hyperlight Flash features innovative load webbing with structural longitudinal threads that allow for a wider cross... Read more

Oct 2015

thumbA climbing harness should be comfortable, hardwearing and safe. Which is exactly what EDELRID have set out to achieve with their... Read more

Oct 2015

thumbOcun's WeBee Harnesses are made from closed cell EVA foam. They excel at all types of climbing from indoors, through to big walls... Read more

Aug 2015

thumbDMM's new harness range is lightweight, performance focussed, and designed to excel in any climbing environment, from the indoor... Read more

Apr 2015

thumbThe groundbreaking ÔWarp Strength Technology,Õ developed by Canadian innovator ArcÕteryx, revolutionized the construction of... Read more

Sep 2014

thumbThe harness and rope report is the second in a series of write-ups from 2014's OutDoor Show, where we look at what the future of... Read more

Harnesses Reviews

Independent reviews from the UKC gear testers

Jan 2017

thumbIf you're kitting out a smaller climber, the Fraggle II harness, Kids Shield II helmet and Crocy shoes make a great combination.... Read more

Aug 2016

thumbSince most climbers do a bit of everything, there's a lot to be said for a harness that does too. Over spring and summer 2016 the... Read more

Jun 2016

thumbMartin McKenna puts this ultralight sport-oriented harness to good use on the sun-drenched sport crags of Spain and, err,... Read more

Jun 2016

thumbThere may be room for improvement, but Dan Bailey still likes this versatile four-season all-rounder Read more

Nov 2015

thumbMountain Guide Tim Neill takes the new DMM Maverick 2 Harness through its paces: "I've probably worn it most days since late... Read more

Nov 2015

thumbWhen the original Petzl Hirundos came out it was an iconic piece of kit. Super-light, super-colourful and worn (primarily) by... Read more

Jul 2015

thumbA new slimline and lightweight fixed leg loop harness from Edelrid, but is it too specialist for a do everything British cragging... Read more

Jan 2015

thumbThe Jay II and Jayne are two climbing harnesses from the German gear manufacturer Edelrid – The Jay is designed for men and the... Read more

Aug 2014

thumbHarnesses are one of the key pieces of equipment for most climbers, and one that gets used day in, day out, yet is often... Read more

May 2014

thumbMammut have taken harness development in a new direction by integrating a top of the range harness with a pair of rock climbing... Read more

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